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  1. Irontail

    TK-7160 import from TK-7180 problem

    I am new to the forum. I have searched this forum for my answer with no success. I have a large amount of channels in a TK-7180 mobile that I want to get into a TK-7160. I have the newest KPG-89D v1.61 for the TK-7180 and KPG-99D v1.55 for the TK-7160. I can read and write to both no...
  2. J

    TK-7160 Software Question

    I have a TK-7160 and KPG-99D software for the radio and it works great, but i need MDC 1200 I.D. Is there newer version of the software that anyone knows about? My radio is compatible, but I can't find the software version.
  3. M

    TK-7160 DCS Question

    I need to update channels in a couple of volunteer agency TK-7160's. We have Version 1.01 of the Kenwood Software. Several channels that we need to program have changed from no PL Code to a DCS setting of 156. In this version of the software, there are 2 options marked D156I and D156N. I'm not...
  4. N

    Kenwood TK-7160(H)

    Anyone know the model number for the remote mount control head kit for the Kenwood TK-7160? An maybe where to locate the kit on the internet?