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  1. N

    tk 7180 &tk 2180's emergency button

    will anyone be willing to run though how to set up the emergency button (orange button) on the portables and what is the best way to do it. i have all the fleet sync set up with id names. Not really sure how to go about setting up the emergency settings i assume once the orange button is...
  2. operator219

    Tk - 2180

    I have a TK-2180 and maybe it's my lack of knowledge of Kenwood programming software but I have on a particular zone just regular DOT/STAR frequencies inserted and I am constantly hearing static over all of those frequencies programmed. The radio transmits and receives fine so no issue with...
  3. S

    TK760G & TK2180 Scramble Options

    Okay, I've dug and dragged my way around the internet and haven't found a solution. So here goes: I have a TK760G Mobile and am wanting to know what options I have to add scramble function to it. Looking for sites, and hopefully users who have done this. On my TK2180(Portable) I'm looking for...