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tone alert

  1. T

    Motorola Quik Call

    Hello, I am turning to this forum for help. I am looking for the printed Motorola tone sequence chart for Quik call 1 (2+2) paging. I have seen it before and know it exists. I already know all the tone frequencies in Hz that are used. They are either Tone plans A, B, or Z. I can remember...
  2. waterfordfire

    Speaker activation from tone out help

    Hello, So I work for a rural fire department that has a very basic tone out system set up at the station, basically its a base station that monitors our dispatch frequency which is also our radio traffic frequency. My question is or project is, I am trying to set it up so that the speakers in...
  3. F

    Question about old Austin FD Tones

    Does anyone know what the format used for the old tone alerting system used by Austin FD before they switched to Locution? I know it was activated by a Zetron console, and it sounded like two short "blips", repeated for each station, with a long alert tone at the end. Then, after the...
  4. F

    Federal Controller Station Alerting System

    Ok, After looking all over the place, I'm looking for the tone the Federal Controller Federal Controller makes. I'm looking for an audio file of any sort, YouTube Video, anything that has that tone in it. It makes a sort of Beedobedobedobedo sound after the station tones drop. Also I'm looking...
  5. M

    Adams County Tones

    I am trying to "get smart" on the tones Adams County, Pennsylvania uses for fire dispatch. I know that the Quick Call II style tones are for the pagers; with a "B" group tone assigned to each station, allowing 1+1 for ambulances, officers, fire police, etc. I am good with the concept, but does...