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  1. R

    IDPS Paging Tone/Sound/Noise

    Hey Friends...I hope you can help. I'm just curious more than anything, and learning a lot about my new scanner. It's a Uniden Bearcat BCD996P2, and every now and then I get several paging tones....usually displaying IDPS Paging. I've been locking them out when then happen, but should I be...
  2. A

    Yaesu: Yaesu 400, confused about using tones

    Yaesu FTM-400XDR. I know some repeaters need a tone in order to listen to you. Also, you can set a tone so you only hear signals with that tone. But while reading the Yaesu manual, I'm confused about how to set these. Here are the menu items I assume one should use: for DISP/SETUP hold...
  3. SCPD

    PL Tones (newbie to radios)

    Hi there, What’s the difference between PL and DPL? Cheers, Dean
  4. M

    What happened to dutchess 911's end tone???

    It changed this morning! I heard some talk about "trouble with the new system" I listen every day ... this is the first I am hearing .. the end tone sounds like Ulster 911's tone. I remember hearing this tone since I was was a kid, what happened? am I out of the loop?
  5. fdnyfish

    Fire Tone Out

    Do any of the digital scanners do Fire-Tone-Out?
  6. SlipNutz15

    XTL5000 transmit tone

    I have programmed an XTL5000 that has a tone after the normal MDC1200 keyup (wait to talk) tone. This tone is just a short beep but it's not the short side tone beep because it does it both on MCD and ASTRO channels. It's approx 500ms into the key up. The system we are using is Analog...
  7. D

    XTS 5000 Deaf ??

    So at what point is a radio deaf. Generating 1 khz + 3khz dev the radio unmutes at -85dbm The audio is white noise at this point with a hint of tone. Clear tone comes in at around -70 dbm which states to me deaf as a mute. Also in toe with this comment how do I access the RX front end on the...
  8. BlueDevil

    Transmit CTCSS Encode Search

    What is the easiest/quickest way to search for the proper PL / DPL Tone needed to open the repeaters receiver? In other words how can I quickly search for the proper Tone that I need to transmit in order to operate or use the repeater? Obviously if the repeater is using the same TX/RX Tone it...
  9. nated1992

    Two Tone Detect and Batch file - Alert System

    Hey i have been playing with two tone detect using a batch file to set off station tones when we receive a call. I wrote a short bat script which plays a audio file then when the record time starts the audio is past threw and i figured out how to rout this threw the computer and to our station...
  10. S

    Two Tone Detect Help!

    I am new to this whole program. I was thrust into the position rather quickly and am in need of some assistance so please bare with me, I am trying to enter the fire department tones into the tone editor. However some departments have a mutual aid agreement so they have separate tones. For...
  11. J

    How to add a frequency for a new group?

    Hello, guys, I am a real beginner who just started to work at one of Motorola dealership company, but all that I learned about programming is how to clone or edit the existing codeplug files using CPS, because a technician who has worked here for over 30 years just quit 2 weeks ago without...
  12. R

    UAW radio programming

    I've got a couple of UAW radios that.com trying to program. The tone code I was given for two of the frequencies (as programmed in a number of Kenwoods) is D251. The drop down list in the uaw programming software has D251N and D251I. Which one the two would be right? Ryan
  13. S

    Breaking CSQ

    I am new to UHF as I have used VHF for several years and have been using Kenwood hanhelds. We have a touring race group that comes to our track a couple of times a year and they use motorola radius handhelds. They finally gave me a freq list on their last stop and I programmed in their primary...
  14. N

    CT250 Continuos Tone?

    Hello everyone, Although I've read and used this site quite a bit one the past few months, this is my first time posting. I own a few CT250 units. I'm aware that I will be caught up in the narrowband fun soon, but I wanted to try and resolve an issue I have with these radios. My understanding...
  15. G

    PSR-800 Record/Playback Question

    If you are recording channels w/ Tone Search or NAC Search, will the radio display the PL/DPL tone or NAC code that was active during the recording? Also, is there any way to record audio from Limit Searches or Signal Sweepers? If so, does it display tone or NAC on playback? Thanks!
  16. M

    New User BCD996Xt-----Question???

    I have just got the BCD996xt and the ARCXTPro Software... I am learning it daily. Its a great scanner but you have to be patient in learning it!! I have the Fire Tone Out set up to 0 on the A&B tones and it works Great! My question that I can't seem to find the answer too is: In the Virtual...
  17. usarLT

    finding Tone frequencies for local Fire Departments

    Hi, I was hoping someone could help me locate the tone codes for fire departments in Oktibbeha county... all I can find is Sturgis and Macon. Thanks!
  18. laidback

    Tornado Siren Freq.

    I have looked and can not find the answer. I live between two sirens but they are far enough that if the wind is not right I can not hear either siren. The siren north of me is remotely activated . My question is: does anyone know the freq. for the sirens in Whitley County,Indiana ? I am...
  19. C

    GMRS repeater; fee for tone usage?

    I know their are many GMRS repeaters on various mountaintops within my area that have little or no usage. Can anyone tell me what it usually costs to rent or lease a tone on a repeater? I understand it varies from site to site, but I have absolutely no idea what the price range would be. Several...
  20. F

    TK-3200/L Help?

    I have come into 3 handsets, 2 are TK-3200s (8 channel models) and one is a TK-3200L (15 channel model.) Whenever I tune any of the handsets to a channel above 3, all it does is put out a tone and flash the LED red/orange over and over. Also, I have noticed that I can't do any of the programming...