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  1. E

    Hytera Custom Tones

    Hi Guys, Im looking for some ideas for alert tones for emergency and attention for our control station, any suggestions? (at 1:36 sec an alert at the dispatcher goes off I sort off like it :) ) (same alert tone as above) (the tone at 0:02 and 0:04) (attention tone 0:39 to 0:40) Also...
  2. K

    Hamilton County Communications Center Paging

    Can someone tell me exactly what 158.805000 "Hamilton County Communications Center Administative/Paging" is used for? I hear what I "think" is data being sent at the same time I can hear "TONES" on the analog simulcast fire/ems dispatch. Just wondering if this is something that can be decoded...
  3. kb6aok_1125

    LASD beeping around 0320 hours?

    If any of you fine LASD aficionados or SCC Superstars can help a brother out it would be most appr3ciated. Okay, so I'm kinda nocturnal by nature so I generally catch a lot of code 9 10-29Vs* and 459s on the dispatch channels really late at night. I don't know if I have been hearing this for...
  4. E

    Cp 185 help

    Hello happy to be here. I have a cp 185 and wantedto put emergency tones for my vfd like a pager i was told i could but can not figure how to do it using the entry level software. Any help is welcome Thanks
  5. MedicDavid78

    XTS5000 VHF QC-II question

    Hello everybody, I'm hoping someone can answer my question. I have a VHF XTS5000 Model 2, and I have confirmed it received Motorola QC-II decode cuz I've gotten it to alert on my local stations tones. But my question is: is there any way to decode multiple QC-II tones on 1...
  6. MedicDavid78

    Lincoln County Fire Tones

    Hi guys & gals, I have compiled a list of the Fire Station tones for Lincoln County Fire agencies. I will begin on working on Catawba County tomorrow. As far as Lincoln County, the tones are Motorola QC-II type. The tone frequencies are in Hz frequencies & I will also list its...
  7. D

    How to mute EMS tones?

    I often monitor the Santa Clara County EMS frequency, and every time a call comes in, the dispatcher tones out the appropriate units. These tones are much louder than the actual voice communications, and they are also very annoying. Is there any way to program the Baofeng UV-82HP squelch to...
  8. Bruce42

    UHF Medical Channels in Sac Valley

    I was going through my BCD996XT scanner with the XT-Pro software and found that on MED7 I am hearing five different tones. I think I have identified Woodland Memorial on 186.2 Hz and Nevada County on 203.5 Hz. I am also logging 131.8, 210.7 and D732. Can anyone give me an ID on which...
  9. BlueDevil

    Quik-Call II Delayed Alert

    I am setting up a CDM1550LS (VHF Model) to operate as a base station radio and station alerting system. I have all the tone information I need and have successfully programmed the radio to decode the tones. My issue is that the radio does not sound the Alert Tone until after the carrier has...
  10. WA6PMW

    Looking for BLM Info.

    Does anyone have a list of what hill tops the BLM uses in California ? I see list for the USFS showing all of their hill tops and tones for each one. Does anything like that exists for the BLM ?
  11. E

    UV-82HP Fire Tones/Paging

    I recently got a Baofeng UV-82HP radio. I'm new to this whole programming thing to be honest. I volunteer with my local fire dept and work for an EMS agency. I purchased the radio to one radio that would work with both as each agency doesn't program the other in the radios. The main problem I...
  12. L

    QC Tones for Shelton?

    Hey there. Anybody know what the quick call tone frequencies are for City of Shelton FD fire company paging? Thanks
  13. W

    HP2 Alert tones

    Is there any way to "preview" the alert tones available on the HP2. I'd like to hear what my options are.
  14. SlipNutz15

    MCC7500 low voice volume after tones

    I am looking to see if anyone else has heard if this issue or has had the same issue and rectified it. Console is MCC7500, P25 800 TRS patched with UHF paging channel (TX Only) Our county sets off tones, either individual or stacked and toned out; while the tones are going off, the PST...
  15. D

    800Mhz Audible Alert for fire calls

    Hello... I am curious to know if anyone has some insight on a small issue we are going to run into. We are about to go live on a new 800 Mhtz radio system, and will be using Motorola MCC7500 consoles. We currently utilize VHF two-tone paging to alert fire stations/pagers. When we go live with...
  16. A

    Station Tones

    Hello fellow brothers and sisters and alike kin, We are a small (25 people) volunteer fire department. We are looking at how to get station tones that alert when we are paged to a call. Low budget as possible but still reliable. We are looking at just being able to be toned during the day and...
  17. 6

    Schuylkill county dispatch tones

    Does anyone know what the tones in Mhz are for any companies in pottsville?
  18. SlipNutz15

    PSR600 cuts out during pager tones

    I've noticed that certain quick call pager tones get cut out halfway through the second tone while others I can hear the entire tone. What's the deal?
  19. crazy_19


    For a long while (more than six months) here I have been receiving tones on 243.0. Some days they are louder/strong than others. I Dont have the slightest clue as to there source if it was a ELT the battries would be long dead and as I can receive them on my desktop scanner as well as hand-held...
  20. C

    Cambria County Tones

    By Chance would anyone have a complete list of Cambria County tones. i only have a few of them. I am looking for certain tones for programming, QRS tones. I noticed 911 has changed them around, they are different from the Siren or Pager Tones. Also looking for the County all Call tones...