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tower construction

  1. K

    Rust on a Tower

    I have acquired 15 sections of Rohn 25G from a Silent Key. The tower was standing for 30 or more years and has some rust issues. I do not plan on erecting the whole thing, but I would like to put up 80 feet or so. I do have an antenna installer helping me. He has been working on them for 30+...
  2. jerry092975

    Chester County Pa, EF Johnson Communications

    Sorry the Chester County Police Departments Audio Feed has been down for a good while, The reason being is the county did their Rebanding Project on the EF Johnson radio system and i didn't catch it in time to get the feed radio done, so it is being done right now but my good friend is having a...
  3. S

    San Antonio Construction

    There is a brand new 500' self supporting tower being erected just south of the Mag's office (401 S. Frio.) The FCC tower registration shows the address as 515 S. Frio and the City of San Antonio as the owner.... Should be interesting as to what communications infrastructure is going up here...