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  1. w2xq

    History: Brasspounding on Wheels

    History, fortunately not lost to the paper shredders and recycling, thanks to archive.org. Charles Clemens, K6QD, writes of his experience as the first CW operator at the White House. In 1942 he was reassigned from WAR to travel aboard the Presidential train Old 1401 carrying Presidents...
  2. DoctorZ

    Canadian Pacific's Holiday/Christmas Train Video

    Just in time for Christmas, a great video of CP Rail's Holiday Train pulling into downtown St. Paul, MN, Union Depot in HD! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSBSINSFs14&hd=1 Enjoy!
  3. M

    Skagway Alaska Area Frequencies

    Skagway Alaska Area Frequencies WQDL655 - White Pass & Yukon Route (Railroad) ( wpyr.com ) (Used by the train crew workers and golf cart to transport cruise passengers back to ship dock area.) 451.3000 - ctcss 179.9 - Ch.1 ? 451.4500 - ctcss 179.9 451.7250 - ctcss 179.9 456.3000 - ctcss 179.9...
  4. N2SCV

    President Kennedy's Communication Train Car

  5. jwb8734

    Amtrak Corporate Guidelines on Photography and Video Recording

    Amtrak - Traveling With Amtrak - Policies - Guidelines on Photography & Video Recording The orig. URL was to long.
  6. joen7xxx

    Train vs truck Elko County

    03:15 PST: A train has struck a truck west of Elko at Hunter. Extrication underway. Elko FD, NDF, Elko SO, Elko Ambulance, Access Air on scene.