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  1. F

    UV82L Fire Transceiver

    Howdy, I'm a rural volunteer firefighter, been using an UV82L for a few months with no issues programming to receive traffic from the local fire/sheriff departments. However, I've attempted to program the radio with CHIRP to transmit dispatch via a repeater, and to transmit to local...
  2. JamesPrine

    Frequency Counter for MFJ transceivers

    I love my venerable MFJ-9420 except for the analog dial frequency readout, which is far from accurate. Does anyone make a decent frequency counter/digital display for these little radios? I can cobble something together, true, but I'd rather have something more polished and professional...
  3. VE1GAT

    Icom: Counterfeit or genuine Icom V80E

    Received a few Icom V80E s with the genuine logo on them, but something is not right https://youtu.be/Y7AjoAT9zjk
  4. T

    Beginner CW HF transceiver

    Hello. I have my technician license and I am studying for my general license. I am thinking about getting an HF radio (within the next couple of months). I have also been learning CW and I can do most of the characters. Because of this I would be interested in an radio that would work with CW...
  5. P

    Transceiver Repairs Needed

    Is there anyone (business or person) in the London(ON) area that repairs ham radio transceivers? 73 Perry
  6. T

    Question about scanner and repeater

    Yesterday I checked in on a local repeater nets and made my first contact ever :) I had my trabnsceiver and my scanner on. I could hear the traffic on both of them. But when I transmitted I noticed that the scanner didn't pick up my voice. If there some reason for this?
  7. callahanfirebuff

    What does narrow band mean? Are any HAM radios made narrowband capable?

    What does narrowband mean? I am looking to purchase either a base tranceiver or mobile transceiver(VHF/UHF). I would like the radio to be narrowband capable. Do you have any suggestions? I am an ARES member and would like to use the radio to monitor public safety(that will be narrowbanding per...
  8. A

    Transceiver controlled by USB, with audio reception and transmission?

    Hello, all, from a newbie! I have a question I'm wondering if some bright soul might be able to answer; I'm wondering if there is a Transceiver out there that can not only be controlled by a computer via USB, but one that also allows reception of the audio stream through the computer as well...