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transmitter issue

  1. F

    Hi new here and Low Power FM Transmitter Issues

    Hi, we run a low power radio fm station located in Eugene, OR (kepw.org). We have had various issues along our path of getting set up and broadcasting over the last four years, since we received our FCC build permit. Recently, in November of 2017, we finally moved to a functioning broadcast...
  2. Y

    Yaesu VX7R: Suddenly Almost No Ouput

    Hello. I have a VX7R which has suddenly decided to produce milliwatts of TX, regardless of the TX power setting. It still transmits, and the audio is good, but the power is non-existent. I haven't had a chance to put it on a meter to see just how puny it is, but it's as if the PA doesn't...
  3. ZigZag747

    MFJ 9410 TX issue w/ pic of possible problem.

    Just purchased a MFJ 9410 for a little portable DXing...Packed it up with the MFJ 971 tuner and MFJ 2210 hamstick dipole on a 16' extendable painters pole and headed to the ocean...10m was booming, Rx was amazing, pulling in signals from UK and S. America...Once I figured out the pile-up wasn't...