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  1. B

    Transmitter Hunt

    Hi there. Might be a bit of an odd one, but I'm trying to research the plausibility of movie story line. During the 70s there used to be clunky old FM system hearing aids (Phonic Ear was a brand) that kids would strap the receiver to their chests and the teacher would wear the...
  2. F

    Hi new here and Low Power FM Transmitter Issues

    Hi, we run a low power radio fm station located in Eugene, OR (kepw.org). We have had various issues along our path of getting set up and broadcasting over the last four years, since we received our FCC build permit. Recently, in November of 2017, we finally moved to a functioning broadcast...
  3. H

    High School Radio Club

    I'm a ham from East Northport, Long Island, New York, and I recently started at Northport High School. Over the years, unfortunately, for my generation, the amateur radio interest has declined. Naturally, it makes sense that I found a radio club room, unused, with equipment in it, with no...
  4. M

    Radio transmission from LEO

    Hello, my team and I are launching a cube sat into space. We are fairly new to radio and are not sure what radio transmitters or receivers to use. We would need to transmit to a distance of about 251 miles, we can have a fairly large ground station, but the transmitter and receiver would need to...
  5. daugherh

    GSP NOAA Weather Radio Question

    I happened to tune to WXJ21 (162.550 MHz) about 3:15 PM today, Sunday July 21 2013 and noticed that the broadcast fluctuated between the normal computer generated voice you normally hear and what sounded like a true human talking into the mic. Anyone know if the transmitter is having problems or...
  6. devildogusmc4

    Receive distance and transmit distance!

    Hi, now say someone is 10 miles away and you hear them transmitting, can you transmit back and that guy hears you. BASIC QUESTION: Is the receiving distance different from the transmitting distance.
  7. G

    Just a Lean Clean Radio Shack

    PRO 2006, Pro 2004, Pro 106, Pro 2096.