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  1. F

    Pro-668: PRO 668 not scanning anything.

    My radio is not picking up p25 nomore. I've done everything I could. I've formatted and restored everything in the radio back to default. nothing is working. the system I've been scanning for the last 3 years the Oklahoma wireless interoperability network P25 has been working great and just...
  2. F

    Okwin p25 tulsa cc change?

    I've been a freelance photographer all around Tulsa county. My handheld scanner the pro 668 been working fine on the P25 system for 2 years now. all of a sudden the last couple days. my radios gone cold. I don't hear Tulsa police nomore. or any of the talkgroups on the Tulsa site. the primary...
  3. B

    PRO-652 Issues with receiving

    I am new to scanning, and I started out with the PRO-652. I am having no issues with any other talkgroups in my area, or conventional frequencies. I live near Dayton, OH and am trying to receive the county wide talkgroup (https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=406). I have all of the RR...
  4. M

    BCD996XT: BCD996xt Recording Issue

    I'm having a problem with choosing which channels I can and cannot record. According to the terms of service with broadastify, I cannot broadcast my county's aviation unit, but I still want to listen to it. I tried multiple time to make it so the aviation channel was not recording out, but it...
  5. S

    Icom F510 TX Problem

    Please help me with this. I have an Icom f510, which after a forum strand on here I managed to get transmitting. I have today had to reprogram it updating the frequencies. Now the radio will receive when on the correct channel, but pushing the PTT results in the radio returning to channel 1...
  6. M

    396XT Issue

    Hi. My new 396xt seems to revert to scanning EVERY band after scanning my programmed channels and I can't figure out how to go back to scanning (instead of searching bands) or to stop this. I'm not sure if this is a system or what. The text is '-1' and then it goes from around 30-40, 130, 450...
  7. listen13579

    BC996XT crashes & restarts

    Hi, I recently put my BC996XT in a new car. I have it plugged in via the cigarette power adapter. If I turn the volume up past approximately the 2 o'clock position and the scanner receives a transmission, the scanner will crash and restart itself. It won't work correctly until I turn the volume...
  8. B

    Old TV antenna troubleshooting

    Hi all, I've enjoyed perusing this site, gleaning what info I can understand. I like to think I'm pretty tech savvy, but I clearly don't understand antennas and RF as well as I'd like. I purchased a home, and in the attic I found a TV antenna. It looks to be a pretty normal all-band tv...
  9. N

    Icom 706 mkIIg power issues

    About a week ago I noticed my the ant tuner for my 706 mkIIg installed in my truck was making a clicking sound without any equipment powered up. I unplugged the 12VDC to the radio and the noise stopped. A day or two later, when I had some time, I tried to do some troubleshooting when I noticed...
  10. S

    Does anyone's Pro-106 do this? (video)

    This only started happening after the Guilford County rebranding (yesterday). I programmed all 28 or so CCs into the scanner (already had my TGs programmed) and started listening - but only for a matter of seconds. Soon it started doing this stutter thing where it wouldn't seem to latch onto a...
  11. N

    Problems with the Pro-433

    I always get weird looks when I ask about this certain problem I have been having, I am very sure I am not the only one having this problem. On VHF and Lower Military Air frequencies I get these weird noises, I will try to describe them. Its a data noise with NOAA weather radio going in the...
  12. C

    I Cant Hear Sound Iscan PRO-107

    The scanner works on certain channels but with specific PD frequencies, I cant hear anything. Ive imported the playlists and several frequencies. I can see the alpha tags, it shows the name of the agency so it should make sound?? I see the signal is receiving and the T is shown but no sound. I...
  13. E

    Pro 106 took a tumble off the dashboard

    My father owns a Pro 106 and had the idea to set it on the dashboard, but when he took off it tumbled off the dashboard and banged against the stick shift in his car and onto the floor. I tried reprogramming it because I had thought that maybe some buttons had gotten pressed on the way down and...
  14. F

    PSR-600 Missing Transmissions?

    Hi all, At the moment my PSR-600 is set up to scan two lists, each containing primary dispatch and a couple special car-car channels for one agency each, each agency tied to the same site of a statewide multi-site Motorola analog system. (It's the Oklahoma DPS system, Norman site, and I'm...
  15. F

    TK-3200/L Help?

    I have come into 3 handsets, 2 are TK-3200s (8 channel models) and one is a TK-3200L (15 channel model.) Whenever I tune any of the handsets to a channel above 3, all it does is put out a tone and flash the LED red/orange over and over. Also, I have noticed that I can't do any of the programming...
  16. T

    Frequently offline

    I am experiencing a problem where the feed is going offline often. This is a new installation of a feed, and, haven't had consistent operation with this feed yet. The source is an Ubuntu Linux 8.04 LTS server using darkice 0.19. It will not stay online for more that about 80 minutes before RR...