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  1. mcjones2013

    Srrcs tg 5808, 5840, 5904

    Some 4-digit non-digital channels have been popping up on the SRRCS non-P25 system. They sound like fire training channels. I THINK it might be the Cosumnes CSD Fire Department Training Facility (who recently started a new academy class). 5808 - Referred to on-air as "OPS-1" 5840 - Referred to...
  2. radioscan

    MontCo TGID 17200

    I'm in town for the 26th SWL Fest and I am catching a new TGID on Montgomery County 17200. Sounds like an inquiry/records channels. I am hearing Unit IDs of 3200 series and one RID I caught was 13210. Maybe PD Reg 7 Records?
  3. K

    LA-RICS - A New Beginning?

    I was surfing around the ICIS site today and noticed a comment that LA-RICS did not plan to lobby the FCC to keep the UHF-T band....so I did some more looking, and saw LA-RICS has a new plan to build their system with all 96 (48 pairs) of the 700 Mhz frequencies and existing 800 Mhz frequencies...
  4. radioscan

    Ohio Rebanded Trunked Radio Systems

    As of 11-01-13 Completed: Barberton Belmont County BRICS (Butler County) Clermont County Clinton County EDACS Dayton, City of Fayette County EDACS Greene County EDACS Hamilton County-Cincinnati Public Safety Jefferson County Miami County EDACS Completed October 31, 2012 Montgomery County...
  5. M

    SRRCS Confirmed Rebanding

    I was reading the Sacramento Fire Department's 2009 Annual Report, and inside the report, it states information about the rebanding process. On page 19, under the heading "Technical Services", bullet point 5, it states the following: "Continued planning for the 800 MHz Radio Rebanding...
  6. kg4ojj

    Crisp County - new talkgroups - is this a transition?

    Monitoring new talkgroups in Crisp County (Cordele, GA). Does this mean a regional TRS is in the works (say with Houston or Dougherty county)???? Or, is this a transition phase from analog (Moto II) TRS to digital???? Old Sheriff Dispatch 1616, new or transitory talkgroup = 38416 (in analog)...
  7. Z

    TRS simulcast on 900MHz?

    I was scanning the mid-900MHz band on my ham radio and was surprised to hear a familiar dispatcher clearing "station A." I left it on that frequency for a while and heard several other TRS tidbits, including medics talking with Mercy, SDPD talking with ABLE, etc. Here are a few of the...
  8. theBruno

    Athens County, OH currently testing Ohio MARCS TRS

    The Athens County Sheriff is currently testing 800MHz radios for use with State of Ohio MARCS - Multi-Agency Radio Communications - The RadioReference Wiki. They are currently using TGID 54224 for testing (will eventually be either TAC1 or a Detective's TG), and TGID 62656 (SO 05 Mutual Aid)...
  9. alex4659

    Gwinnett County DTRS

    Is GCPD and other county law enforcement agencies on this system yet? Because the DTRS in the database does not have any talk groups ID's for PD's, Just FD... But I know that GCPD has gone digital but dont know why the DTRS hasn't been updated? Could someone update it if possible please...
  10. alex4659

    Gwinnett County connect tone???

    hi, does any one know what the connect tone is for the Gwinnett Co smartnet TRS? and also, to listen to and smartnet / zone systems you have to select it right? oh, and i have a moto astro saber thanks, Alex
  11. Robbyboy

    Progress Energy System

    Hello Everyone - With the rollout of RR 4.0 I am going to try to take advantage of some of the features. As such I will be consolidating all of the Progress Energy Systems into a logical system for easier reference. Once I get it up and running I will post again and am asking for...
  12. Robbyboy

    Progress Energy System

    Hello Everyone - With the rollout of RR 4.0 I am going to try to take advantage of some of the features. As such I will be consolidating all of the Progress Energy Systems into a logical system for easier reference. Once I get it up and running I will post again and am asking for...
  13. Robbyboy

    Onslow/Jacksonville 800

    I may have a new user that I need assistance in identifying. TGID 56016 appears to be paratransit (whatever they call it here). If that is the case, it will be the first non-public safety user on the system which means that its going to be growing!
  14. Robbyboy

    PSR-600 ARID Question

    This is going to be a stupid question (Don't worry, Im a Marine and I know stupid:twisted:) Im a newbie to this scanner and working my way through it since I have never worked with Obj Oriented units before. I have my radio set to decode Radio IDs (I Think/hope). Sometimes it will come up...
  15. yardbird

    Wayne County System

    Just curious to find out what happened to Wayne County. I notices about six months ago there was information in the data base for Wayne County constructing a 150 Mhz trunking system. Now the trunking data has been deleted. Just wandering if the system has been scraped and the county decided...
  16. Robbyboy

    New System Request for Assistance

    Hello All -- I have identified a new system with the following info : Ctrl 859.3875 SysID 8C03 Looking at the database does not yield results based on Ctrl Channel or System ID. FCC records show a system just north of Wilmington which would be quite the band opening considering that they...
  17. Robbyboy

    New Hanover County TRS Request for Assistance

    Good Afternoon - I am making several trips to NHC over the next month and have been monitoring quite extensively! I am trying to tighten down the TRS as it displays in the database and if anyone here can provide assistance with that I would appreciate it! I am going to clean the formatting...