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trunk problems

  1. J

    SDS100 Audio Muting Mid Transmission

    I have a recently purchased SDS100 that I am having the previously reported transmission muting issue. I believe that the other post was for the SDS200, whereas this is the SDS100... I got my first SDS100, had the issue described below and returned it for a new scanner from Zip Scanners. Both...
  2. P

    Help. WS1098. Unable to Receive Digital Signals

    I'm hoping that someone could help me out here. I live in Lewis County WV and Law Enforcement here recently upgraded their radios to Digital. From what I read it's P25 Phase 1. So I purchased a Whistler 1098 from walmart.com and it seems like a nice scanner radio. Up until now I've owned...
  3. N

    BCDx36HP: Not receiving one talk group on one unit.

    I have both a BC536HP and a BC436HP, programmed identically. One unit, the 536, is not receiving a single talk group (TGID) on the county trunked system, but seems fine with all the others. The 436 receives it okay. I've gone through the steps of force writing the database, as well as...
  4. C

    APS ID 4816

    I've programmed in the frequencies and IDs on the APS SmartZone Trunking system found here. But, I turned on ID search and I keep seeing ID 4816, which seems to be very active and very clear. Does anyone have any idea what this talk group is for?
  5. T

    Can't eliminate the scanning of a trunk channel

    I recently purchased the 996xt and 396xt. All systems were eliminated on both. Then, both were loaded identically with same systems, etc. I'm relatively new to scanning, but have read Uniden's 293 page comprehensive guide to the 396xt, plus all the other "Easier to Read" (not) papers. I've...