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  1. K


    hello, just was wondering if anybody has any idea on if there is a program on how to convert the old DOS TRUNKER files into the new version of UNITRUNKER..?? or do i have to enter them each in manually ?? thanks everybody Todd J Rittel
  2. loumaag

    Entergy TRS Help Needed

    Folks, We have just realized some odd things about the Entergy TRS both in Louisiana and system wide and as a result we are going to ask for some assistance from you. I realize that monitoring energy companies is pretty boring stuff about 99% of the time, but for the 1% of the time you want...
  3. O

    Impossible dream - should be so easy

    Gday, I'm looking for a program like Trunker (the orig. version) with Unitrunker style interface - All I want to do is use a serial port to log Talkgroups, Radio ID's, Affiliations, Emerg Calls, and if possible I-Calls. My desktop pc allows this but have to move to a laptop as the pc has died...