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trunking problems

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    *New to Scanners* NEED HELP!!!! PRO-164

    I just bought a used RadioShack Pro164 off of ebay, got a decent deal and listing said it worked like new. I work for a towing company here in Iowa and we have our local P.D., our counties Sheriffs Dept, and also Iowa State Patrol all on contract for accident and impound tows so having a scanner...
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    Programming Trunk system on my BC346XT

    I have been trying to program my scanner for a while now. I live in Westchester county NY and trying to propgram the Westchester County UHF trunk system. The two base frequencies are 470.000 with a 380 offset and a 12.5 spacing, and 476.000 with a 520 offset and 12.5 spacing. I enteretd the...
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    APX 7500 Turning off

    I have 2 APX 7500 trunking radios that while on the trunking channels will turn off most of the time while trying to connect up with the system. Usually takes less than 45 seconds for them to turn off. When it is on conventional channels it will transmit just fine with no problems. I have...
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    Problem scanning SRRCS with RadioShack Pro 163

    I used the ARC300 software to upload the Sacramento RRCS from radioreference.com. I can hear audio on the various frequencies when I monitor them manually (and I see the talkgroup alpha tag), but when I trunk scan, it continually scans without picking up any audio. All of the frequencies and...
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    PRO-164 Still Won't Trunk

    I've posted this before ... but I'm still having trouble with my PRO-164 not trunking. I sent my scanner back to Radio Shack's Repair Depot last year because I couldn't use the upload port to do anything. I couldn't upload from PSR-300 ... I couldn't upload the upgrades from their site (which...