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  1. B

    Switching from Conventional to Trunking

    Good afternoon. I'm newer to the scanner ownership and have a few questions. I've been listening to Broadcastify using multiple phone apps for about 3 or 4 years and decided it was time to bite the bullet and invest into a scanner. Before I actually understood anything about my state, I had put...
  2. w2lie

    Long Isand DMR Cap System on 460.225

    I noticed earlier today that my scanner was locked on 460.225 with a dead carrier. I was too lazy (sick today) to press the avoid key to allow my scanner to move on. To my surprise, I started hearing DMR data traffic on this frequency. Color code 1 and the display said CAP. I fired up DSD+...
  3. U

    Anyone who can give me pointers....

    I recently dusted off my RS PRO-95 after moving to Richmond, VA and am trying to set it up for the localities here. I've reset the unit, and programmed in the frequencies here but after thirty minutes there was no traffic (I was at the VRS and we definitely had traffic over the radios). So I...
  4. alabamanick

    NAS Assistance on AFRN

    Alrighty, allow me to explain this mess. I have an XTS5k model II capable of 9600 baud trunking. I program it step by step for NAS like I've done on plenty of other systems and to no avail it doesn't work. The display shows the talkgroup but no audio comes through, the speaker isn't an issue as...
  5. E

    Trunking - Phase I & II - questions :)

    Hi! I was raised in a home where my Dad always had police scanners, even with crystals etc. I'm interested in getting a trunking scanner for the house. I'm not too familiar with them, nor the Phase type etc. I can tell you what I'm looking for - I live in Ohio, near Cleveland in suburb. Is it...
  6. P

    Trunking on Motorola APX7000XE StarCOM21 question.

    So I have a general question that may apply to any trunking system similar but I am specifically talking about STARCOM21 in this case. So if you will refer to https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=2324 this link to see how the system is set up. On with the point. I have already set up my...
  7. 1

    XTS5000 Model 3 Zone Channel Assignment Personality Type Conv ONLY

    For some reason I get the eye glasses when I try and change the Personality Type to Trk. I have an Astro25 system key and have added a trunking personality with 17 Astro 25 talk groups to the codeplug. Anyone know what function will remove the eye glasses and allow the change from Conv to...
  8. C

    PRO 668 Question

    Hi All - Is it possible to set the Trunking site threshold on the scanner? I know how to do it on the programming software on the computer. Thanks!
  9. MedicDavid78

    DSD+ Error??

    Does anyone know what this means? I haven't seen it before in all the years I've been using DSD+ and UniTrunker... For some reason in the middle of decoding the tower next to mine showed in red and started displaying "ISOLATED" several times then started displaying "ISOLATED, FAILED". Does...
  10. E

    Need some advice on how to pick out some trunking scanners?

    Good day - I have two scanners now, which are standard channels. I'd like to get a trunking scanner, but don't know where to begin. I'm not out for the biggest and best, just one where I can hear local police such as the Cleveland, Ohio police, Olmsted Falls Police, etc. Could someone please...
  11. A

    Issues with two trunk channels broadcasting

    I have a Uniden bcd536hp scanner and have it programmed to transmit the local police and ems but there are two channels that are not being picked up by the scanner, one is 5 miles away, the other maybe 10 to 12 miles away. I reprogrammed the scanner thinking I had too many frequencies for the...
  12. B

    Future of NXDN

    Icom seems to have stagnated in further IDAS development. Kenwood is now offering DMR. Is NXDN destined to go the way of the Dodo in the USA? I'd like to hear opinions regarding continued investment in expanding a trunked NXDN system is worthwhile or change direction to a build a trunked DMR...
  13. K

    Buncombe County P25 - Fire Tac

    Hi all, I am a big scanner listener, especially on fire frequencies. I live in Buncombe County, NC. Recently, I heard fire dispatches that told units to go to Fire Tac 3 and Fire Tac 4. However, the RR page for the Buncombe County P25 trunk system only covers Fire Tac 1 and Fire Tac 2, not 3...
  14. S

    OP25 Talkgroup Priority

    Putting this question out there to see if anyone has had similar thoughts. I have OP25 successfully running on a dedicated xUbuntu machine and have explored it thoroughly. But I was wondering if implementing talkgroup priorities would be possible. I imagine this would be implemented in...
  15. J

    WS1040: Whistler 1040 New out of Box

    I live in northern Wisconsin Dead center between two counties Ashland and Bayfield. I just bought the WS 1040 because it's specs say it can handle PS25 trunking. I download the PSREdit500 software and installed it. 1.I was able to work my way through importing a trunking database from...
  16. E

    APX6000/SRX2200 Isolated TX Issue

    Hello guys and gals, this is my first post here so forgive me if I'm breaking any rules! I've been having an issue transmitting on a particular TDMA/FDMA DDM enabled Talkgroup. - CH 1 and CH 2 are under a single personality as two different talkgroups. We'll refer to CH 1 as "LMR" and CH 2 as...
  17. T

    BCD436HP: Bcd436hp trunking discovery when not in the usa

    Good morning everyone! I just bought a BCD436HP scanner in Mexico, and I can´t figure out how to scan trunked radio systems. I have no problem with the conventional mode, but I would like to know what are the steps to program a trunking discovery in order to start scanning "from scratch". What...
  18. SCPD

    XTS5000 vs Scanner

    I'd like to share my experiences in using an XTS5000 to monitor local digital trunking. And my opinions. For me, I am a Motorola buff. Love em (when you can get past the awful RSS/CPS). Once I learned the right way to program this radio via the hidden channel method, I have never had anything...
  19. cferguson4809

    Question about Digital Trunking Sites.

    Many years ago I had a scanner but I have been out of the game for quite some time, I have what I would consider an above average understanding of how digital trunking radio works, I do not know everything by any stretch of the imagination. The thrust of my question has to do with the scanners...
  20. L

    BCD436HP: SFPD scanning

    I want to scan SFPD ( San Francisco Police Dept.) only while I am in San Francisco. When I input the zip code, I also get surrounding cities which I do not want to get. Please help, thanks