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tyt md 380

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    Tytera Programming talkgroups with a TYT DMR radio

    Here is a picture on all of the information i have about the talk groups i want to program into my TYT-380. For example if i wanted to use the EMS talkgroup how would i do that? I already have the FM frequency for it but i only hear the dispatcher. I want to hear everything. How would i do this?
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    Can you listen to analog frequencies on tyt 380?

    Can you listen to analog frequencies on tyt 380? If so? How ? Specifically emergency channels like weather Thanks
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    Programming TYT 380/390 for scanning

    Looking for info or direction for programming the UHF TYT radios. Interested in listening to Guelph City Operations, (my employer) which I believe is on Fleetnet.
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    Tytera MD 380 VHF Jackson County TN

    I recently purchased a TYT MD 380 VHF from amazon after searching and seeing that it could receive DMR frequencies, after updating the firmware. I now have the firmware updated and all frequencies programmed in to the radio and seeing the led change from red to green when receiving transmission...