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  1. C

    Encryption compatibility TYT-MD380 and MD-680?

    Hello all, I have both the MD-380G and the MD-680 from Tytera. I am trying to encrypt the calls between both units, yet the encryption scheme seems to be incompatible - at least by the way one enters the keys. Is there a known way to encrypt the digital voice communication between these two...
  2. V

    Programming TYT 380/390 for scanning

    Looking for info or direction for programming the UHF TYT radios. Interested in listening to Guelph City Operations, (my employer) which I believe is on Fleetnet.
  3. F

    TYT or Tytera MD380 VHF version as scanner

    The VHF version of this popular radio is not so commonly used since most of the VHF amateur DMR repeaters are in the Northeast US and the UK.Many public service frequencies have converted to DMR, however. I bought one of these radios to use as a portable scanner for public safety VHF DMR...
  4. S

    Tytera MD-380 Privacy Settings

    I am an amateur with radio programming, however I help a small law enforcement agency in my area when I can. They can't afford to pay all the time for radio work. They are using a Hytera repeater for their analog and digital (DMR) channels. The digital channel is encrypted with a 10-character...
  5. lurch89

    DMR in Fargo/Moorhead Area

    I just got a Tytera MD-380, after all the posts and news about the firmware being reverse engineered. I know it doesn't do it now, but hoping someone comes up with DSTAR/P25/SystemFusion, etc for it. I tried putting a couple of conventional DMR channels in, and can't seem to get it to decode...
  6. K

    Tytera MD380 and commercial DMR

    Wondering if the Tytera MD380 will allow me to program in commercial DMR users without having to know the talk group and instead use a 'monitor mode'? This is a problem with the CS700. EDIT: I realize that color code and timeslot will still need to be known. While we're at it, I'm wondering...
  7. N

    Tytera TYT/Tytera MD380 DMR HT

    There is a new rig available for Mototrbo/DMR aficionados, the TYT/Tytera MD380 HT. It's a good looking and good performing little radio available for UHF and VHF. The MD380 has a color display, 1000 channels, a regular female SMA antenna connector and good audio. If you're interested picking...