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    Nothing but static (pops and clicks), using darkice

    I think I'm close here, I can get the feed to go online, and I'm not getting any error messages, but I am getting pops and clicks of static and nothing else. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong here? I'm including my darkice configuration file. The stream is located at Kingston Peninsula...
  2. B

    BCD396XT: Can I download from RadioReference w/ Ubuntu or Linux?

    Is Widows the only way to download/program my Uniden BCD396XT? Will Linux or Ubuntu work? Thanks for any help. Peace!
  3. S

    R20 questions on PC-interface, audio playback, and linux...

    Hi, I'm new and I tried and failed to find my ICOM R20 questions on the wiki-- 1. What precisely is the PC-to-Radio USB cable OPC1382 for? Is it just the ability to control one's radio from one's computer? And I'm still confused as to precisely which cables are required. There are things...
  4. H

    Win500/Ubuntu downloads from radio but nothing shows up

    I have Win500 running under WINE just fine in LinuxMint 10. I run Win500_COM.exe, select Scanner | Download From Scanner and the progress bar moves along just like normal and the scanner's LCD shows the data transfer like normal. However, once the transfer is done, the data isn't loaded into...
  5. W

    "PlugComputers" (ie SheevaPlug) as Streaming Audio Server

    I tried searching for this, because I thought someone must have done it before, but alas no luck. In looking to reduce total space required to operate a computer that does nothing but stream audio to the RR servers, I remembered the SheevaPlug that was announced a ways back. While some people...
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    Westell Modem Startech Ethernet Install

    I just spent a LONG LONG TIME typing this post into your forum and it disappeared. SO, I am composing it first in my BLOG so that it will NOT disappear. I use Verizon DSL with a Westell 327W Router. I have one Dell Windows XP hard wired to the router, and second XP connected via WiFi with a...
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    Westell Modem Startech Ethernet Install

    Westell Modem Startech Ethernet Install I have Verizon DSL with a Westell Model 327W router, with one Windows XP computer hard wired to the router and a second Windows XP computer connected via wifi with a Belkin USB ADAPTOR. The Westell has sockets for 4 more computers to be hard wired to it...