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  1. marksroberson

    Escambia Med Frequency

    Hello folks, I have been listening to a frequency for several days now trying to figure out what/where it is coming from. So, I have had my SDR connected to my only outside UHF antenna (usually used for my only UHF base radio for SARNet etc...) but i hooked the sdr up to confirm and receive DMR...
  2. marksroberson

    Help with XPR7550 DMR RX

    I have a Motorola XPR7550 programmed up with local Public Safety and businesses, (RX Only of course) and I have been picking up DMR TGs on DSD+ and putting them in my contacts list so I can listen to them. I have had great success listening to them, but something isn't working... I have the...
  3. W

    TYT MD-380 "Newer" Ohio Code Plug

    Does anyone have a newer code plug for the TYT MD-380 for Ohio than the one on All Ohio Code Plug which is now over a year old?
  4. marksroberson

    SARnet Panama City?

    After hurricane Michael a SARnet repeater was installed in Panama City. I have been monitoring it since it was first on air. but now there is no traffic. I even tried keying it up and throwing my call sign out and have not heard it comeback. I checked the SARnet website and it says it is online...
  5. CopperWhopper67

    700/800/900 MHz......Why?

    Most large scale radio systems, especially trunked ones, seem use the UHF High Band frequencies to broadcast signals. That doesn't make sense to me. Wave propagation of 700/800/900 is very linear and tends to avoid wrapping around terrain like VHF Low (and to a lesser extent VHF High) can, which...
  6. D

    CHP UHF Frequencies

    Hello RR! Looking at the CHP database here, I noticed that under the Division Wide sections there are some UHF frequencies, usually just named "UHF 1" and "UHF 2". Does anyone know what those are used for? As far as I'm aware, CHP is usually on lowband. Any insight into this would be greatly...
  7. MedicDavid78

    HT-1250LS question

    Good day all, A few days ago I purchased an HT-1250LS UHF handheld, was excited to get it, hooked it up to CPS & much to my dismay discovered that it doesn't do MDC-1200 (which I rely on heavily for Radio ID's and repeater functions & such...), it will do MDC-1200 in LTR Trunking mode but not...
  8. J

    US DoD (14C) Key West NAS Site

    Spending a few days down South, way down South! And brought my Whistler TRX-1 along for some entertainment while walking the dogs. The county P25 system is coming in great, even heard the NAS tower, but the trunked system has been quiet for two days. The last 12 hours or so I've been...
  9. K

    Standard C790L Information

    I was given a Standard C790L radio. I don't know much about it and there hasn't been much turned up on my Google searches. Hopefully someone on here can help fill in some of the holes in my understanding. First off, I know it is a commercial UHF radio. I read one ham's website that a simple...
  10. D

    Picking the right dummy load

    Hello there, My question is not amateur radio specific but I couldn't find an exact sub forum for my question. I hope it fits in here anyway. (Suggestions?) English is not my primary language, sorry about any English "drifting" of my part. I'm very new to the RF world so (one of) my first task...
  11. M

    All This for $25!

    I'm new here, and new to SDR, and I'm having the time of my life. Way back in the late 1960s, the USAF had me sitting at a console, staring at VHF and UHF frequencies on a spectrum display, for reasons I can't really discuss still. My guess is that console cost half a million dollars or so...
  12. X

    Motorola XTS UHF Help

    I currently operate a VHF XTS 5000 Model 2 in New Hampshire where I spend a lot of time however, I spend most of my time in Metro-Boston Mass. And I'm stuck with a real crappy baofeng radio. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find a 450-512 split 2500 or 5000 for cheap. In addition...
  13. MedicDavid78

    Lincoln County DMR??

    Is there anyone else here in Lincoln County, specifically Lincolnton? Lincolnton PD is on UHF 460.450 MHz and normally there isn't any issues, however for the past few days there has been some major interference on their channel. At first I thought it was just bleed-over from another agency...
  14. Bruce42

    French Exhibition Team

    They flew here in Sacramento yesterday and left for Canada last night. They have 10 Alpha jets and 1 humungous A400M. Of the 10 frequencies I gleaned from the Internet I copied them on two, 340.300 and 141.825. It would have more fun if I understood French, of course. Yet the A400 was all...
  15. BlueDevil

    MagOne BRP40 Narrowband Issue

    I recently helped out an organization with reprogramming a couple hundred Motorola MagOne BPR40 UHF Radios. During the process of reprogramming the radios several of the radios also needed to be brought within the narrowband requirements. Upon reprogramming the radio for narrowband operation the...
  16. T

    BPR40 Speaker Mic Question

    I am a regular volunteer at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and we use BPR40 UHF radios. I was thinking about getting me my own speaker mic to make radio use more convenient. I came across a website(I can no longer find) that listed various models of mics that would work with that radio. I...
  17. E

    Kirisun Software

    So I got my hands on a Kirisun PT3500S UHF radio for dirt cheap (50 cents) and am looking for the programming software. I've searched Google quite a bit and can only find the software for the PT3600. The PT3600 software complains that I don't have the correct radio model and won't let me do...
  18. A

    Motorola XTS5000 - WHERE to enter conventional frequencies??

    Hello, I have a medium experience with programming Motorola MTS2000 and XTS3000 series. I was able to successfully program buttons, scan lists, channels and zones with those radios. Recently I have got a couple of Motorola XTS5000 UHF radios. When I'm trying to program them using ASTRO 25...
  19. I

    463.23750mHz Radio Traffic

    Can anyone in the GTA tell me what exactly this frequency is [463.23750mHz]? I've been listening for the last hour and it sounds like some kind of transportation company but I can't exactly nail down who it is or where it is transmitting from so I can name the channel in my scanner. I've tried...
  20. F

    Mt2000 solid tone on key up after programming

    I programmed my uhf mt2000 to the proper freqs and pl codes. When i try to transmit i get a solid tone. Im not sure why. This is used for work.