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  1. connah

    BCD436HP: Replay Mode Displays Incorrect UIDs, Offset by -1.

    Hi all. I am new to the forums so please forgive me if I have missed an existing thread on this topic and point me in the right direction. I think I have discovered a bug in firmware version 1.11.31 (latest as of this posting). When replaying audio, be it recorded or buffered, the UID displayed...
  2. K

    Austin/Travis County GATRRS UID Wiki

    I started some wiki pages for GATRRS UID tables and some associated notes for each agency. Will be adding some additional content over the next few days. I hope everyone find them useful. Currently I am using a Uniden BCD536HP and have already hit the 10,000 UID limit on that device. Link...
  3. MedicDavid78

    BCT-15X unit ID feature...

    I have a question: I have the Unit ID feature properly displaying the UID's for my trunked systems, however for my conventional VHF channels they aren't displaying. My agency and surrounding agencies all have UID's for their portable radios and such so common sense tells me if my scanner...