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uniden bcd396xt

  1. SCPD

    BCD396XT: Micro USB programming cable?

    As the title states: is the data cable / programming slot on the BCD396XT & BCD996XT a micro USB connection? I have a new BCD396XT that will be here Monday and noticed they come with a DB9 cable which is fine for most of my ancient PC's but want to be able to program via my laptop which is USB...
  2. B

    Uniden BCD396XT FreeScan APCO P25 Help

    Please Help! I am new to the scanner world. I have purchased a Uniden BCD396XT from Amazon two weeks ago, and I am still learning how to use it. I live in the Rankin County Mississippi Area, and I am trying to program the MSWIN APCO P25 system into my scanner. I'm tring to listen to the...
  3. Z

    What antenna to choose?

    I own a Uniden Bearcat BCD396XT MOBILE scanner and only listen to Fire/EMS and police frequencies, which are from 151-155 MHz VHF, and occasionally a 453 MHz channel. I am curious what antenna to get for my portable scanner to pick up one of the dispatch centers around 20 mi away. Also, what...
  4. J

    Nyc 470 mhz

    Just returned from NYC. Brought my Uniden BCD396XT and GRE PSR-800 scanners. No problem with the GRE. Everything worked fine on the Uniden except one problem. When I went into Search Mode and tried to search the 476-479 band the scanner would not stop on any of the frequencies. Yet when I went...
  5. S

    bcd396xt program help-free scan or pro scan

    I just got my bcd396xt today and I'm having a hard time using free scan or pro scan to program it. I don't have anyone in the area to help me or pay to do it. Will someone help me through this step by step?
  6. 8

    Help - SETX/Beaumont & Uniden BCD396XT

    Imported and downloaded frequency database directly from Radio Reference db into the Uniden BCD396XT using FreeScan, and zilch. I have another scanner (old analog) sitting next to the Uniden and the Uniden just scans all day and has picked up one conventional analog signal. There is traffic...
  7. S

    BCD396XT Features

    I'm pretty new to scanning and have a Uniden BCD396XT. I have all the local frequencies and trunk systems downloaded and programmed into the unit and am getting good performance overall, but I don't feel like I'm making adequate use of the features this scanner provides. I have the manual and...
  8. car7858

    BCD396XT-Trouble With Serial To USB Cable

    Hello, My name is Carl & I reside in Chesterfield, SE Michigan. I recently purchased a Belkin Serial To USB cable (F5U 409) for my Uniden BCD 396XT scanner. This cable worked fine on my Asus PC, which had Windows XP on it, but when I try to use it on my desktop (E machines with Windows 7) it...
  9. S

    Uniden BCD396xt Quick Keys

    Does anyone know how to type a number greater than 0-9 on quick keys on the Uniden bcd396xt? For example when I try to disable 21 by typing 21 it will disable 2 and 1.
  10. D

    Turning Off A Service Search

    I have a Uniden BCD 396XT and I am using ProScan to program it. Everything had been working well. I had not been using the scanner for a couple weeks and decided to get it out again. Now, After it does a scan of my programmed systems, it starts a service search, Militry Air to be exact. I...
  11. car7858

    Jlo Great Buyer, Perfect Transaction!

    My recent sale of my Uniden BCD396XT to Jlo was flawless; Jlo made sure the USD-CAN exchange rate was correct & made sure the funds went directly into my Paypal account. We also had great conversations about his province in Canada and I also helped him along by pre-programming the scanner with...