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uniden bct15x

  1. spyscan

    My Racked Shack

    I have finally started to rack mount my radios. This is just the beaning. I currently have four Uniden BCTX15'S, a BCD996P2 and a BCD536HP mounted. I'm running ProScan for remote control of all the radios via a USB hub in the rack. I have an 8 port and a 4 port stridsberg multicoupler inside the...
  2. J


    Hello, I am fairly new to the whole scanner scene and I am having some problems programming my Uniden BCT15X. I would like to my local police agency in and they use the Motorola Type II Smartzone so I'm assuming it's 800 mghz but all the system frequencies given are in the 400 mghz range so I am...
  3. C

    COM1 port error Win10 PC to Uniden BCT15X

    Hi all, Just purchased Uniden BCT15X and downloaded Freescan 218-b6. Also purchased a programming cable which I have connected into front port. BCT15X baud rate set 9600 to match PC. Rear port if Off. C-CH Ouput is Off. PC recognised the new USB hardware and connection and has set up COM1...
  4. N

    Uniden BCT15X

    Hi! Will the Uniden BCT15X work for Burlington County New Jersey? It supports Motorola Type II SmartZone but I'm not sure if the system voice is compatible. I just need it to receive, not transmit. Thanks! https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=1320
  5. J

    Uniden bct15x

    I bought a uniden bct15x and was able to program some of the frequencies I want into it using proscan. I am listoentjng to Suffolk county NY fire departments, which I am a member of. I have two questions, my scanner will listen to the fire department frequencies if I have them on hold, but in...
  6. K

    Uniden BCT15X Problem

    Hello everyone, I recently just purchase 2 used BCT15X scanners and I'm having a problem with both of them. I can program in the systems I want to monitor no problem with free scan but when I actually go to listen to them on the scanner I receive nothig, no signal bars and NFM is constantly...
  7. A

    Snohomish Co and King Co trunk systems

    I use programming software (ARC XT) to set up my Uniden BCT15X. I have set up 4 different sites to scan, one is Snohomish County SERS and the other is a King Co site. The King Co site I chose is Seattle Simulcast. Through the ARC XT I was able to pick out just a couple of cities in King Co that...
  8. S

    RadioShack Outdoor VHF-Hi/UHF Scanner Antenna

    I was looking into buying the RadioShack Outdoor VHF-Hi/UHF Scanner Antenna for my new Uniden BCT15X. I'm going to place the antenna in my attic. What cables, adapters, etc. will I need to purchase from RadioShack?
  9. roundobi

    First time scanner - BCT15X

    I just acquired the Uniden BCT-15x scanner from a company I did trade work for. I've used various QuickTime mirrors of local scanners from radio reference, but have never had the guts of money to get into real scanning! So tell me if i'm crazy here. I live in Utah, right by BYU. Lots of radio...