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  1. W

    SDS200 Not staying on Control Channel

    I am having a problem with the 200 where it will not stay locked on the control channel of a trunked system (OKWIN). I have the system locked on 1 site and there is only 1 control channel listed in the frequency table of the site. The RSSI indicator show receiving for about .5 sec and then...
  2. Mausreaper

    Upgrading a bc75xlt to sds200

    So I mostly listen to police/fire/ems and I have a bc75xlt that for the most part covers that pretty well for where I live until I hit the next town over or drive more than 25minutes from my house. Ems in the next town over uses nxdn, so I need to make the jump to a more capable scanner overall...
  3. airsquad9

    Sentinel Favorites Updates

    I've been using Sentinel for programming most of my newer Uniden products since it first came out but I just realized something. When I update the Master Database it doesn't update my Favorites lists with the new info. How do I update my Favorites without creating a new one? Seems like that...
  4. edweirdFL

    SDS200 Scanning the 2019 Daytona 500

    A new Uniden SDS200 recently arrived at my home and I used it to scan for a number of signals during the days surrounding the Daytona 500 race. From my location about 6 air miles distant from the track I was able to hear the spotters for the race teams who were located on the roof of the...
  5. Theo

    SDS200 Screen Flicker

    2 days old the whole screen is Flickering! Mainly left side of full screen. Replaced SD card with brand new one still Flickering!!! Anybody else?
  6. NYR1122

    Uniden SDS200 Memory Loss

    Hello All, Needless to say I was very excited about getting this new scanner, however it didn't take long to find major problems with it. I first noticed after setting the time/date that after powering it off/on it would reset to Jan. 1 0:00 every time. Then I found that when pressing the...
  7. D

    Lets see when u received the sds and who supplied it.

    Thought it would be interesting to note this, so far only those who ordered from ham station got the sds200 from the posts on the forum. I also thought it was interesting that the uniden factory store as named lost my sale since they would only ship fedex and not deliver to a ups store since...
  8. mcjones2013

    SDS100: Why show the System ID in HEX format?

    Hello, I was wondering why the SDS100 shows the System ID of trunking systems in HEX format instead of the "normal" format seen on the BCDx36HP series when in Search mode? Is there a way to change this? For example, there's a multi-site Connect Plus system in my area, with the System ID of...
  9. WX9RLT

    Scanner Manufactures Future, Due To Encryption?

    My area went full encrypted few years back. Needless to say, I will NO LONGER be buying anymore scanners. What is the point of buying one, if I can't listen to the stuff I want to listen too??? Many people I know have said the same thing. So this leads to my question: What is the scanner...
  10. spyscan

    My Racked Shack

    I have finally started to rack mount my radios. This is just the beaning. I currently have four Uniden BCTX15'S, a BCD996P2 and a BCD536HP mounted. I'm running ProScan for remote control of all the radios via a USB hub in the rack. I have an 8 port and a 4 port stridsberg multicoupler inside the...
  11. N

    Uniden customer database compromised - Part 2

    So, a while back I posted this thread: https://forums.radioreference.com/threads/uniden-customer-database-compromised.359759/ I just got around to doing the NXDN upgrade (along with several revisions worth of firmware update) on my 436 earlier this week, and received this a couple days after...
  12. A

    Phoenix Area Uniden SDS100 Review

    I just wanted to make a quick initial review of the SDS100. @KR7CQ Did a fantastic write up regarding the SDS100 and it is certainly more in-depth than mine will be. I picked this scanner up from HRO on Friday 12/21/2018 and I was admittedly a bit apprehensive. My current scanner is a BCD996P2...
  13. gkalbfle

    Uniden BC-GPSK Serial GPS Receiver VS Garmin 18x PC GPS Navigator Unit

    I have seen several posts around the net asking about these two units. I have now tried the both, and have the answer for you. The Uniden GPS utilizes the SiRF Star III e/LP chipset, which has a sensitivity of -159 dB. I have been unable to ascertain the chipset utilized in the Garmin 18x...
  14. C

    I hate being lied to

    About two weeks ago my 5 and a half month old SDS-100 stopped receiving after only what I can believe to be is an overheating issue, given that the unit also stopped getting warm after this happened. I contacted Uniden who told me to send it in, and the turn around time would be two - three...
  15. K

    SDS 100: Inferior Design, Materials and Support

    So I get my new jumbo battery in the mail the other day. Today I dropped it on the floor from 2 feet and the battery comes out because the clamp holding the now much heavier battery breaks. Uniden customer support (or lack thereof) tells me I'll have to send it in (at my expense) and the techs...
  16. M

    Need a cybersecurity contact for my.uniden.com

    Can someone point me to a person responsible for cybersecurity at Uniden - particularly for the my.uniden.com portal? Feel free to DM me the info. I'd prefer not to report a security issue via the customer support path, but I can't find a good contact.
  17. J

    SDS100: SDS100: Considering Class Action Lawsuit Against Uniden - SDS100 Battery

    All, I gave up on reading this forum for a couple of months because, every time I saw posts about the large battery “coming soon”, it did nothing but upset me. I bought mine the day it came out and was pleasantly surprised to see that yellow sheet of paper on which Uniden...
  18. T

    Scanner for Airband

    Hi, just wondering what the best scanner for me is for planespotting. I use a Uniden EZI33XLT and I'd like to by an antenna that i can use at the airport and at my home (approx. 20 miles). Thank you in advance, Matt ✈️
  19. J

    UnidenSupport User

    Nice to see this tag frequenting the board lately. We all know that Upman is one person with a full plate. I've long thought that him, having a side-kick, would probably help immensely even though both of their participation is voluntary. FWIW, thanks for being around UnidenSupport!
  20. S

    BCD536HP: Replacement antenna suggestions

    I am new to scanners, the BCD536HP being my first. I'm former LEO, and we switched to a digital trunking before I retired. I'd like to be able to pick up those signals, as well as any local military, airport and other dispatch and first responder departments who aren't using trunking systems...