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  1. ladn

    Help ID This Signal

    I've been learning to use my RTL SDR and have come across a signal I can't identify: FREQ: 418.0250 - 418.035 MHz (the frequency jumps around from day to day MODE: DSB MY QTH: San Fernando Valley,Los Angeles, CA TIME: Different times throughout the day. My times are pdt. Link to a video...
  2. S

    Unidentified signal at 120 mhz

    Hi guys, So I was playing with a rtl sdr dongle lately and came across a strange signal exactly at 120 mhz. I am using gqrx for sdr side. Any idea what it is? Here is the gps info of my location if relevant: Latitude:31.70677465 N Longitude:76.52492523 E Sea level: 882 M
  3. K

    Mysterious Waltham Public Safety Station

    Hello scanners! A while ago, I stumbled on a mysterious station from my location in Middlesex county. It is a sort of ambulance or public safety station on 152.370 MHz, and uses a DCS code of 155. I have been looking for this station's information, but it is not on RadioReference, apparently...
  4. G

    Un-identified TRS in Cary

    I am picking up a Motorolla CC on 859.437500 very clearly while near the intersection of US1 and HWY64 in Cary. The SID is 2C10 (which is what the VIPER trailer system uses) and I am hearing some occasional talk (slightly informal) on tg #4656 (a tg on the viper system). They keep mentioning...
  5. C

    What info are you trying to identify in Bloomington-Normal?

    In the spirit of the http://forums.radioreference.com/illinois-radio-discussion-forum/95373-what-info-you-trying-identify-champaign-urbana.html I am making a similar page for Bloomington-Normal. Trying to identify frequencies/talkgroups can be a time consuming task, but with shared knowledge...
  6. JayEmbee

    Odd Berks County PD Identifier...

    From 1830 (when I turned on the stream) until posting this, I have heard Berks giving security checks on P-1 to a "Unit 8-7-5-3" or "Unit A-7-5-3". Not Eighty-seven - Fifty-three, but Eight-Seven-Five-Three or A-Seven-Five-Three. Who is this? They were somewhere (not mentioned) awaiting...
  7. rankin39

    Federal mystery systems.

    I’m posting this to more than one list in order to get coverage in neighboring states. I’m in NE KS and we’ve had a band opening in the past couple of days that has produced several unknown systems between 162-174 MHz. Can anyone identify these and tell me where they’re located? I’ll be happy to...