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  1. wa2chj

    Unication G5 Charlotte UASI Programming

    Hi, I've been programming Motorola, Vertex Standard, and Various Amateur radios through CPS, PPS, etc. for decades for personal and EMS/Fire department radio equipment as Communications Officer. I'm a newbie when it comes to the Unications G5 PPS, and need to get up to speed quickly. I'm...
  2. SlipNutz15

    Snyder/Union 911 “Central” merger questions

    Since Snyder and Union counties merged, they now go by “Central” on the radio. Did the frequency designations change for the counties or are they still Snyder Fire 1/Dispatch, Union Fire 1/Diapatch, Snyder Med, Union Med, etc. or did they rename them to Central X...?
  3. BlueDevil

    Official Feed Status

    I am wondering if it is possible to setup an official feed sponsored by my union (IAFF Local 404)?
  4. SCPD

    Barn fire - union county

    Location: Fish Rd between Delaware County Line, and Hinton Mill. Time: 02:21 Tuesday, 15 June Channel/Talkgroup: All units responded on UNI OPS-2 A barn was reported on fire. While units responded, they were advised of Aceteline and oxygen (welding materials), as well as gasoline and diesel...
  5. SCPD

    Cb radio in Central Ohio

    Anybody use your CB in Southeast Union County, Ohio? I've got a rig set up in my house, looking to spark up conversation. Mark on channel 19, call for "Willie"
  6. A

    Seeking GMRS users in Ohio!

    I am looking for GMRS users in central Ohio area specifically UNION, MARION, DELAWARE Counties. I am in the process of obtaining call sign from FCC and becoming active user in my area. Looking for someone to help me along in the process and figured here would be a great place to start! So...
  7. sound_efex

    Pennyrile VIPER system to serve Crittenden, Livingston, Lyon and Union counties

    Lyon gains 911 service upgrade -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Times Leader Staff Report staff@timesleader.net -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wednesday, August 27, 2008 Three Pennyrile...