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  1. O

    UNITRUNKER config file?

    Hello. Is there such a thing as a config file for Unitrunker. If someone has customized their Unitrunker radio captures with labels etc and would like to port this captured data to import into another unitrunker install on another laptop, is there a file which contains the modifications...
  2. F

    Unitrunker Group and ID trailing characters

    I recently had to rebuild the PC running Unitrunker. After re-installing the Unitrunker application and starting the app, I noticed that suddenly the Ohio MARCS Talkgroups have a trailing g and the radio IDs have a trailing i. My previous Unitrunker install didn't do this. It's not a big deal...
  3. J

    UniTrunker color codes

    I'm a newbie having trouble finding good documentation on UniTrunker software. I've got it running, but still trying to comprehend the meaning of some of the GUI details. Can anyone point me to a resource where I can read up on the meaning of the color codes on the page that shows a P25 group...
  4. MedicDavid78

    DSD+ Error??

    Does anyone know what this means? I haven't seen it before in all the years I've been using DSD+ and UniTrunker... For some reason in the middle of decoding the tower next to mine showed in red and started displaying "ISOLATED" several times then started displaying "ISOLATED, FAILED". Does...
  5. C

    Applying to Provide Feed

    Hello all, I'm working on becoming a feed provider and have a quick question. I was reading over the terms and it is clear to me I cannot broadcast tac, transport, etc. What's the best way to guarentee this does not happen through Unitrunker? I could go through and lockout all the users or...
  6. MedicDavid78

    UniTrunker website down??

    Is anyone else experiencing an issue on UniTrunker’s website at the Downlaods page? I went there to check if there was any new versions and the entire Downloads section is giving me a “404 - Error” message like the site is down. Thanks!
  7. B

    Digital decoding issues Unitrunker/DSD Plus

    Hi all, I am having issues with my digital on Unitrunker, I have it going from Unitrunker to a Virtual Audio Cable, then to DSD Plus, where am I going wrong as it won't decode properly and just sounds like static and only hear a few words that you can't even make out, is there anything else I...
  8. H

    SDR simple setup for UNITRUNKER

    Is there a simple easy to follow setup for using SDR with the UNITRUNKER program. I have tried the UNITRUNKER instructions that your supposed to follow when using the UNITRUNKER program but there is so much there that I windup getting pretty confused and frustrated with it. I've gotten it to...
  9. kurtal

    Unitrunker user script for external notification

    From reading previous threads it sounds there is a possibility of using the user script annunciation feature in order to initiate an external notification (e-mail, sms, etc...) when certain events occur. Has anyone created something like this and would you be willing to share the script so I...
  10. Robinator

    Unitrunker EDACS Target ID discrepancy

    Setting up Unitrunker with the RTL-SRD radios on the San Antonio EDACS system and it's working great. While setting up and monitoring Gold Simulcast, I found a Target ID/Talkgroup (1029, 08-005) which is carrying the same traffic from the 1046, 08-026 talkgroup (Bexar County SO Central Open)...
  11. E

    HackRF One & unitrunker

    Has anyone been able to get unitrunker to use a HackRF? I just got a hackRF one in today and I'm having a dog of a time trying to get it to work. I've only tried under windows so far. Unitrunker doesn't recognize it at all and sdr# so far has spit out nothing but static. I'm starting to...
  12. T

    DSD+ voice sounds horrible, lots of errors

    (((EditToAdd: Newbie replies are in purgatory, but upped a new pic of CPU running pretty low. Also, I wasn't clear, but I am using UniTrunker to feed DSD+. Also: With great thanks to mtindor I think I am wrestling with this...
  13. K


    hello, just was wondering if anybody has any idea on if there is a program on how to convert the old DOS TRUNKER files into the new version of UNITRUNKER..?? or do i have to enter them each in manually ?? thanks everybody Todd J Rittel
  14. K

    Unitrunker and E4000 Dongle

    I just got a Realtek RTL dongle with the E4000 tuner instead of the RTL820T tuner. It's now called RTL2838. My Unitrunker only recognizes the RTL2832 with the R820T tuner. Anyone know of an update to Unitrunker for this device? I went to the Unitrunker site and it appears to have been inactive...
  15. H


    Sill confused on how to use this. All I'm wanting to do is select a specific SITE (Tower) and monitor it to see what TGID's are using that specific SITE. I have my receiver setup done, I believe. RTL2832U R820T RUNNING READY. I have the system selected that I want: APCO P25, BEE00-1A7, Texas...
  16. kylej86

    AirSpy R2 reception

    I have had two RTL-SDR V3s for over a month now that have been working great. Since they have been awesome I decided to get an AirSpy R2. I got the AirSpy in today and hooked it up. First, the USB cable was DOA, no problem I have plenty of micro USB cables to go around. So now I start using the...
  17. T

    Unitrunker user.js

    I've been trying to build a script for Unitrunker that will log calls to a web script. I wasn't able to get it to work so I tried to simply pop up a message box. I can't get that to work either. In all cases the script works as intended when run from the command line with wscript or cscript...
  18. rfjon

    Unitrunker P25 P1 No Audio

    Hi, So here is a new user question about Unitrunker. Configuration: Unitrunker v1.0.32.7 DSD+ v1.101 SDRSharp v1.0.0.1581 VB Cable v1.0.3.5 DSDTune v0.1.3 RS Pro-106 NooElec SMArt System: P25 Phase 1 Pro-106 set on Primary Control Frequency NooElec SMArt set with one VCO on voice; Tuner gain...
  19. E

    Unitrunker not opening audio on several calls

    I've been noticing that as traffic occurs, every now and then a call or two don't highlight to indicate that it is opening the audio for that call or it will wait for a call to end before opening that frequency. Which is odd because it usually happens when unitrunker is only using 1 or 2 vco's...
  20. P

    Unitrunker, Linux and WINE

    From searching I know this topic comes up often, but i'm stuck. I've managed to install Unitrunker on Linux via WINE, but when trying to run the software I get the winusb.dll is missing error. I installed winusb.dll from my Win10 PC into WINE's windows/system32 folder, but I continue to get the...