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  1. O

    Harvard University LTR

    Does anyone currently monitor/have information on the Harvard University LTR system? Every so often when in search mode I do hear one of their frequencies (451.7250) with what sounds like shuttle ops but when I plug the system in as a LTR as it's listed on Radioreference I've heard absolutely...
  2. N

    Penn State University - Brandywine

    Does anyone have info on frequencies used by PSU Brandywine Police? I've only been able to come up with 72.18 from the FCC for a "WIRELESS CLOCK SYSTEM."
  3. Z

    Marquette University Nexedge

    Is all of Marquette University's operations & public safety on nexedge trunking or are there some departments that are on conventional nexedge. Specifically, public safety dispatch is noted in the database as nexedge 6.25 conventional.
  4. NeFire242

    UNO Police Security Broadcast

    UNO PD is putting out a broadcast through its campus alert system of several males going door to door asking to check IDs and inspect rooms and housing. They were last known to be in University Village. Can report suspicious persons or activity to 554-2648. 462.0500 is UNO PD Dispatch.