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  1. K

    What is this signal?

    Ok, so I was tuning around looking for analogue voice signals, and I tuned across this. I've heard it before, but never knew what it was. After looking at sigidwiki, I concluded that it's possibly something to do with railroads. It almost sounds like MDC-1200, but being used as a pager or...
  2. K

    YRCS talkgroups of interest.

    TG 1013: I'm only hearing one side of this, and it may be a patch from another channel. 1100: In the past, I've heard both what sounded like worker's compensation fraud surveillance, as well as a contract road crew talking to the ADOT Phoenix TOC. 1108: Was used car-to-car, with very lax radio...
  3. C

    APS ID 4816

    I've programmed in the frequencies and IDs on the APS SmartZone Trunking system found here. But, I turned on ID search and I keep seeing ID 4816, which seems to be very active and very clear. Does anyone have any idea what this talk group is for?
  4. B

    Discovered unknown talkgroups

    I have discovered some unknown talkgroups on the Onslow County/Jacksonville City system while scanning for a couple days I have a uniden BCD436HP and I put it in discovery mode and set it to compare to DB so all the talkgroups is what it picked up and identifying them would be greatly...
  5. T

    Unknown signal on 19 meters

    Hello, I'm new to this forum but thought it was a good place to get some feedback on a strange shortwave signal I came across today on 15480kHz. Maybe 'over the horizon radar'? The bandwidth of this signal was pretty wide at 10kHz so it sounded about the same up on 15485kHz. I was tuning in via...
  6. telxonmaster

    Unknown antennas popping up on traffic lights. RFID?

    Here in Springfield Missouri, these antennas are popping up on various traffic lights at some of the busier intersections around town. This looks like RFID, which would be bad from a privacy standpoint. It could also be for emergency vehicle detection to change the lights for them, but if so...
  7. B

    Unknown Little Rock Talk Group

    While listening over the past few months I have been picking up an unknown talk group ID (528). I know its the police because of what is being said but just can not figure out what the talk group is for. Anyone have an idea?
  8. loumaag

    LWIN Talk Group Identification Thread

    This sticky thread is for the sole purpose of helping to identify talk groups heard on the LATIE system. When posting an unknown, please specify where you heard it, what type of traffic you heard and any possible identifying information you may have. When posting information that may identify...