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  1. V23

    Upload to Scanner Problem

    I'm totally new to scanners but got my Christmas wish and I'm the proud owner of a Uniden BCD 396XT digital scanner. I'm using acr-xt to configure the programming but I can't upload the programming to my scanner. My Toshiba laptop that runs Windows 7 and I purchased the Uniden USB-1 Interface...
  2. car7858

    BCD396XT-Problem with uploaded channels

    Hello, I recently purchased a serial port to USB adapter for my Uniden scanner and it is working fine as far as connecting to the scanner & Freescan. However, when I load the P25 frequencise for my area into the scanner, the scanner shows the frequencies but dosen't receieve them. Also, I...
  3. bballjh

    Upload your interesting recordings here for free

    Upload your recordings for free on my site =] I made an upload form on my website. Very simple and very basic. But you can upload you recordings for free and share the url with others so that we can all here the exciting things that are going on in other places. Let me know what you think and...