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  1. pto

    Uniden Website now down, was hijacked and spreading malware earlier

    Uniden's website for commercial security products has been hacked to host a Word document that delivers what appears to be a garden variety of the Emotet trojan, also known as Geodo and Heodo. Compared to Uniden's main website, which offers a wide range of electronic products (radios, scanners...
  2. Theo

    SDS200 Screen Flicker

    2 days old the whole screen is Flickering! Mainly left side of full screen. Replaced SD card with brand new one still Flickering!!! Anybody else?
  3. C

    I hate being lied to

    About two weeks ago my 5 and a half month old SDS-100 stopped receiving after only what I can believe to be is an overheating issue, given that the unit also stopped getting warm after this happened. I contacted Uniden who told me to send it in, and the turn around time would be two - three...
  4. K

    SDS 100: Inferior Design, Materials and Support

    So I get my new jumbo battery in the mail the other day. Today I dropped it on the floor from 2 feet and the battery comes out because the clamp holding the now much heavier battery breaks. Uniden customer support (or lack thereof) tells me I'll have to send it in (at my expense) and the techs...
  5. DaveNF2G

    my.uniden.com - Now I'm Ticked

    The site is back up, but no logins are being permitted until the password is reset. This means I cannot update my email address so that I can receive a new password. I tried sending an email to support at uniden dot com and got this: "Your message couldn't be delivered to support@uniden.com...
  6. Tim

    Anyone know how long "MyUniden.com" site will be down?

    Greetings... I know they had gotten hacked or something, but I just got a used radio off of flee-bay and was looking to upgrade with DMR. Tim
  7. M

    Need a cybersecurity contact for my.uniden.com

    Can someone point me to a person responsible for cybersecurity at Uniden - particularly for the my.uniden.com portal? Feel free to DM me the info. I'd prefer not to report a security issue via the customer support path, but I can't find a good contact.
  8. J

    SDS100: SDS100: Considering Class Action Lawsuit Against Uniden - SDS100 Battery

    All, I gave up on reading this forum for a couple of months because, every time I saw posts about the large battery “coming soon”, it did nothing but upset me. I bought mine the day it came out and was pleasantly surprised to see that yellow sheet of paper on which Uniden...
  9. N9JIG

    HP-1: Homepatrol.com off line

    Seems to be a server issue, coming up with a "500 Internal Server Error at HomePatrol.com. Time for a server reboot?
  10. N2MWE

    Siren App neglect

    I hate to keep harping on this, but Christ, it seems like Uniden came up with the Android app and basically said to hell with updating the iPhone app so it will work properly with favorite lists, and I thought it was supposed to basically be a full remote control for the 536? Why is there...
  11. rolesnevich

    lack of customer service Uniden repair

    My scanner was received for repair may 5 for repair after it stops working less than six months after buying it. After sitting at Uniden for four weeks. They put hold on for payment. I clear that and was told on June 5 they would ship it soon. June 12 when I call. I get told it on hold...
  12. N2MWE

    Any SIREN updates

    Seriously. We've had our radios for over three years now. I would really like to put my 536 back in the car, and the SIREN app would made installation a hell of a lot easier. The favorite list bug needs to be addressed in the iPhone app, and I thought there were going to be more features in the...
  13. Webheadfred

    Breaking news!

    I'm not a power user or anything like that, but I did notice UPMan has a "Breaking News" avatar up now. Maybe NXDN soon? ;)
  14. J

    Challenge for Uniden

    Let's see if Uniden can shrink their next HP scanner to shirt pocket size. Impossible? I present as evidence the Kenwood TH-F6a tri-band transceiver -- just 2-5/16 x 3-7/16 x 1-3/16 inches, with a Li-ion battery that has nearly twice the wattage of the BCD436HP. Introduced about 15 years ago...
  15. wbswetnam

    Any possibility of Siren update?

    I checked which version of Siren I have on my Android device this morning, and it says 1.0.1. Does Uniden have any plans to improve the Siren app, or have they written it off? Because of the audio delay problems, I simply use my old Android cell phone as a remote head to operate the scanner and...
  16. P

    BCD436HP: ATTN: UPMAN: FW 1.11.16: Custom search channel spacing is still wrong

    I just upgraded to FW 1.11.16, hoping the channel spacing glitch was fixed, but no. The channel spacing glitch issue is this: the interval resets on 100 kHz increases which is absolutely wrong. For example: Custom search 3, 15kHz spacing. Search from say 142.830 to 143 Mhz. Steps are...
  17. Jay911

    Found in Reddit, thought of this place.

    Stolen with no shame from /r/talesfromtechsupport.
  18. WX4JCW

    DMR update Rant

    ok i have a rant, im trying to be nice but the instructions were put up multiple times and was said if you are not a power user leave it be, with this being said. why is it so hard for people to read through a thread and try to educate themselves, i really don't mind helping people out but cmon
  19. N

    Done With Uniden

    Nothing, nothing but unacceptable performance (or non-performance) from my pricey 436 and 536. A couple of cheap-o, circa-2003 Radio Shack PRO-2052s run circles around 'em. The latter provides crystal clear audio; in tandem, the same systems and talk groups on the Unidens, same location, just...
  20. M

    BCD436HP Repair Campaign failure

    I have submitted my BC436HP for repair, ref 5317 but have not received the first an secon replacments attempts to my home. I was told by Uniden that a signature will be required to receive my BC436HP from fedex but this has not occurred. I have asked Undien to obtain proof of delivery from...