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    Synchronizing two usrp B210

    Hi, I want to use two USRPs B210 to receive samples using the two channels in both B210. I need to synchronize the two B210 but I don know how. Could you give me some links, documentation or something to help me to do this? Thank you so much, P.
  2. M

    USRP B200 Mini

    Hello Everyone, I have USRP B200 mini and i want to build a transceiver for digital communication system. Now, the two options that i know to program this device are Matlab or GNU Radio. My question is which one is the best to make this system on USRP... and is there any other options? Please...
  3. E

    Nifty online SDR

    Here's a site with a USRP watching Santa Clara's trunking system: Super Trunking Scanner It's able to record all simultaneous calls on the system and present them for listening. Here's her writeup of getting it working: Super Trunking Scanner: the original idea