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  1. F

    Help: Repeater Baofeng UV-5r setup

    Hi. Bought a cable from Baofeng for repeater use, and programmed with a +0.0600 offset (see attached pictures). It works but it doesnt send before you talk or blow hard in the mic. Not tested from a distance yet but some scratching. Is there any settings on the radio i need to change?
  2. S

    OPP Repeater Tecumseh

    Hey guys, I'm very new to ham radio, just picked up a uv5r yesterday and am currently trying to listen to the Tecumseh opp repeater with no success. Was just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction on how to receive it if it's possible. Thanks
  3. VE1GAT

    Fire Department Nova Scotia Valley plus, programming simplex (hello Pat)

    This is my CHIRP pack that includes: Valley Fire Departments (scan list) NS Fire departments on VHF (not all of them) No repeaters Search & Rescue (Canadian & Mutual aid) Marine 16 GMRS (scans CH20 MURS Weather This is for VFF only. These are not waterproof. If you wish to scan NS fire...
  4. C

    UV5R Programming problems

    Hi there, I am new here and really hoping someone can help. I am not new to programming and been doing it for a bit now. I have a UV5R, 2 RMV25, 1 Icom F521 and a few kenwood radios. my problem is the same on all of them. I used to be able to program any of them and now when I click "read from...
  5. G

    Baofeng UV5Ra progaming for EMS

    Hello, I work for American Medical Response in New Haven CT. My company does not provide portable radios that work on the company frequency so myself and a few other employees purchased these radios so that we would be able to have contact with our dispatchers when we are away from the truck. My...
  6. E

    Baofeng UV-5R Scrambler?

    Does it have one? How do you enable it? I can't find it in the radio's menu.
  7. E

    Baofeng UV5R S-Code

    What dooes S-code/signal code mean?
  8. S

    Uploading fequencies to UV5R

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how to upload frequencies to this radio? I have been trying for hours, and hours, and hours..... Thank you
  9. G

    Recording a Baofeng UV-5R?

    Hello all, I've just made my first CB radio contact with my Baofeng UV-5R, and I realized that I should record my calls on my cassette tape deck on my desk. I don't know how to combine the microphone and headphone jacks, any ideas? The tape player has 2 input jacts (Left and Right), I might be...
  10. G

    BaoFeng UV-5R Make Scanner Only

    Hello, I recently purchased a BaoFeng UV-5R from eBay, and I enjoy it a lot, but I have a big issue. Because it can broadcast on frequencies that are illegal here in Australia, I am scared to even use it. I have looked for transmit inhibit, but all I find is how to make specific VHO channels no...
  11. S

    Uv5ra with byonics aprs

    Can some one show me how to set up bionics aprs on a Baofeng Uv5ra. I want to be able to send/receive aprs packets. If you have done this please post some photos of the equipment you used (cables tt3/4 ect.)
  12. M

    Baofeng UV5R

    Just bought a new UV5R. Figured out the programming both manual or using the downloaded software. I was even able to figure out I needed the correct version of the software. Now I'll admit an as much of a noob as there ever was when it comes to the programming of a radio. But the concepts...