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    DSD+ voice sounds horrible, lots of errors

    (((EditToAdd: Newbie replies are in purgatory, but upped a new pic of CPU running pretty low. Also, I wasn't clear, but I am using UniTrunker to feed DSD+. Also: With great thanks to mtindor I think I am wrestling with this...
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    control panel settings for VAC (virtual Audio Cable)

    hi, I am looking for the settings for vac , I am currently running version 4.10. does anyone have settings that work real well with sdr sharp or sdr-radio? thanks Paul
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    Getting audio from your SDR to a program on the same PC (picture heavy)

    First things first, I am not a computer guy, I am a hardware guy (mostly tube type), what follows is just what I have noticed and found to work. I make no claims to being any kind of expert, just a sometimes frustrated user that might have encountered the same kind of problems as other users...