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vehicle repeater

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    VRS-EP tranceiver Issues

    Good evening, thank you to all in advance for your assistance in this matter. I had ordered a VRS-EP (P2017A and P2017B) UHF repeater from someone on ebay, opened it up and discovered no transceiver on the YLE4009B board. So, I get my money back, order another and sure enough....no transceiver...
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    Fallback Mode in FutureCom Repeaters

    Can anyone explain what fallback mode is while using a FutureCom repeater? My agency is thinking of purchasing this equipment, and I cannot find enough information on the internet to explain this feature. Thank you for your help.
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    Maxtrac ghost transmit w/ acc. plug in use

    Hi guys, Have had an intermittent issues on my Maxtrac. It's a 16pin logic board model and is setup for use with a vehicle VHF repeater. Pin 14 is set to detect a carrier with or without PL. The extenders are made from HT1000. I have made several of these and haven't had any issues with them...
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    Vehicle Repeater

    Dear people who hopefully know more than I, At my place of employment, we have a DVRS (Digital Vehicle Repeater System) that goes from the County's VHF system to our UHF portables. We use XTL5000's for the vehicles (tied to Futurecom DVRS) XTS2500's for the portables Encryption...