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vertex standard

  1. Danny37

    Motorola evx-s24 mdc1200 no audio

    I have an issue with my evx-s24 radio if i enable mdc1200 in a personality, no audio on the frequency is heard. I can clearly see the RSSI indicating a signal and the ID's displayed on the screen but no audio whatsoever. When I disable mdc1200 on the personality the audio comes through. I'm...
  2. K

    Vertex Standard VX160U

    Hi all, I want to program my radio to the frequencies on a Vertex Standard VX160U. I can't find the frequency list for this model anywhere, does anyone have it? I have the following information on the radio: Vertex Standard VX-160 Spec and I have the manual here: Vertex Standard VX-160U...
  3. C

    VX-820 ATEX Batteries?

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on where might possible still have in stock. Some ATEX Batteries for the VX-820 series. FNB-V100Li I think is the main battery but as the radios are discontinued, I appreciate stock on the batteries might be rare. If anyone here has any stock...
  4. C

    Vertex Battery Analyzer / Reconditioner

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a battery reconditioner / battery analyzer for Vertex batteries. Mostly the 231, 350, 410/420 and 820 series. Wide range I know. Any advice would be appreciated. I've got a load of batteries but not sure what ones have dead cells, I know a...
  5. S

    Programming VX-800U

    So I purchased a programming cable for the Vertex Standard VX-800U radio and have the disk it came with. However, I have had 0 luck linking into the radio. I am using Windows 10 but am using DosBox to run the CE31 programming software. Do I need to point my PC to where the COM port is on my...
  6. daugherh

    Direct Mode

    Hi all. Does anyone know if, for example, the EVX-530 or any other VS radio supports DCDM (dual capacity direct mode) that can be found in the MotoTRBO Gen 2 radios like the XPR 3500 or 7550? I saw here where it talks about direct mode. Is this similar, the same, or completely different than the...
  7. I

    Firmware Updated Vertex VX-3200U D

    Good evening everyone! I'm looking for the updated firmware of the Vertex Standard VX-3200U-D radio. If any friends have, please send my email to pu2xyt@gmail.com. Thank you very much in advance!!
  8. C

    VX-231, VX-351 How to Dismantle

    Hi all, Could anyone provide me with some help on our to dismantle a 231 or 351. I have one of each that needs the PTT button replacing. The black cover plus the silicone cover underneath. Regards
  9. C

    VX414 Programming Software

    Hi all. I've an issue with my current software for the VX414s (UHF) that I recently purchased. The software they came with seems to not work. When you click to read from the radio and switch the radio on, nothing happens. I've been told I possibly need a newer version of the software. I've...
  10. R

    I need a lesson

    I bought a Polaris Rzr at the first of the year. It has a Vertex VX-200 VHF radio in it. It took me 3 weeks before I could figure out which cables to program it with because there isn't a lot of info about the vertex radio out there and if there is I don't know how to find it. I bought 2...
  11. V

    Vertex Standard 351 PMR problem

    Greetings, I'm having trouble with my 351. I borrowed it to my friend and I haven't used it since, probably around 4 months. Now that I turn it on, it just keeps buzzing all the time, and there seems to be nothing I can do to fix it. When I press PTT, nothing happens and the squelch doesn't...
  12. H

    VX-7200 F-M Scan Choppy

    Hello, So I have been pulling my hair out for some time trying to figure out what the problem is with a few radios I have. I have two VX-7200 radios I recently purchased from our local dealer. The problem I have is when I put the radio in F-M scan with the digital channels are very choppy and...
  13. C

    Vertex Radio Encoding Issues

    I have brand new 454 portables with a matching mobile that I am working with. I have programmed several other radios for 2 tone encoding before and I generally have no issues but here is my problem. When I go to send the 2 tone page the radio gives the audible tone but does not go across the...
  14. R

    Problems with Vertex Standard VX-231 EG6B-5

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I'm sorry to be abusing your hospitality straight away with a problem but this is what brought me here in the first place. Recently (9 or 10 months ago) our company acquired 6 Vertex VX-231 Two Way radios. Everyone was very happy with the radios until recently...
  15. F

    Vettex vx-180 scanning?

    I have a VX-180 set up as both a pager and a radio, when i set the radio to scan it often jumps rite back to page or it will scan untill a transmission is heard than will jump to page and stay their untill i manually reset it to scan. other times it will continuously scan without any problems. i...
  16. P

    LTR system using Vertex VX-427A portables

    Has anyone had any intermod problems using VX-427's for LTR?