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virgin islands

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    DMR TIII - Virgin Islands, Government of Water and Power Authority Trunked System

    Virgin Islands, Government of Water and Power Authority https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?fccCallsign=WQXS483 _________________________________________________________________ 152.3000 - DMR TIII (Control Channel Logged in St. Thomas Cruise Port) 2018/11/28 Current network: S1...
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    Operating in U.S. Virgin Islands

    Hello, I am going on a sailing trip in August to the U.S. Virgin Islands. We are going to be sailing to St. Thomas and St. John, and I am wondering if I will need any special permits besides my general class license (I'm a technician now but will be general before the trip). I am planning on...
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    Headed to St. Thomas

    I am flying to St. Thomas and have BC396XT radio and would like to take it on vacation with me. Has anyone had any problems taking a portable scanner through the airport? I wouldn't think it would be a problem if it gets checked in, but never took my scanner on a trip. I have ARCXT software...