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volusia county

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    This morning traveling down CR 419 in Chuluota I started picking up Volusia on my SDR WR-G305e so I tagged it when I was stopped at a light and then continued down CR419 until I got to Lockwood Blvd. I pulled into the McDonalds just off of Lockwood by the Valvoline and Tire kingdom and got out...
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    Volusia Fire/EMS Programming

    I'm still very new to scanning and such and I would like to program my Radioshack Pro 160 to get the same thing as heard on the feed here: Volusia County Fire and EMS Dispatch I programmed the frequencies on the RR database for Volusia and closed to the talkgroups of fire and ems dispatch...
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    Help needed in using Uniden BCD436HP to zero in on a specific signals

    Hi, I am a total newbie at scanning and his is my first post here. I live in New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County, Florida, and I purchased a Uniden BCD436HP which comes pre-loaded with a US-Canada frequencies database. My desire is to listen to what is happening in my town by scanning the radio...
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    Volusia County

    I have the Uniden BCD996XT and I was wondering if anybody in the DeLand area listens to Fire /Rescue calls. I was also wondering if DFD ever uses their tac channels or if they just use the county's.
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    Pro 164 not hearing certain talkgroups

    Hi... I got a Pro 164 for a christmas gift for my mom and I am trying to program it and ughhh. I am trying to listen to volusia county FL Volusia County Public Safety Trunking System, Volusia County, Florida - Scanner Frequencies I entered in all the frequencies and added the talkgroups I...
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    Volusia County,FL Communication Change

    In related to the below article, Agenices that have their own Channel such as New Smyrna Police and their tac groups, Ponce Inlet Police and their tac groups, Port Orange Police and their tac groups, Edgewater Police and their tac groups, will all be transfered to LE 5 and LE Tac 5 departments...
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    Volusia County,FL Daytona Beach EDACS going to Harris P25IP Trunking

    Thanks to Harris Corp. For writing the Info. Volusia County, Florida, Migrates to Harris Corporation's P25 Digital Communications System to Improve Response Time and Save Money -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOSTON, MA/DAYTONA BEACH, FL, March...