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  1. 6

    VX-354 Tone decode issue

    Hello all... I am wondering if anyone has ran into a problem with the VX-354 decoding QCII properly. Here's my issue: A local rural department has several VX-354 VHF radios. They are having issues with the radios not decoding the fire tones & alerting. Part of their issue is indeed spotty...
  2. D

    Newbie Question- new radio

    This is all very new to me. I am totally lost so hopefully someone can help. I was given a Vertex VX-354 a few months ago and figured I would give it a try. I really like using it, but it's an older model so I decided to upgrade. I am currently using the vertex software to program it. I just...
  3. H

    Frequenz scannen VX-354 CE86

    Hello How should I configure when I CE86 with the D key Scanning all frequencies 134-174 would? With the scan function I can only scan the frequencies Saved Thank you very much HPRolli
  4. wa2chj

    VX-354 VHF Programming with CE44

    I have programmed quite a few of the VX-354 UHF radios, but this is my first attempt with the VHF version (yes, it actually IS the VHF version), and I'm apparently doing something wrong. No mater what frequency I program into the radio (commercial, ham, etc.) when I try to transmit, it goes...