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  1. D

    VX-924 Changing Channel Issue

    My Issue is when I change channels from 1 to 16 it will change from 16 down to 9 then back up to 16. I cannot change to channels 8 - 1. The only changes made through the programming software has been setting the frequencies. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. K

    Vertex VX924 VHF programming help

    Hi all, I need help!!! I purchased a new VX 924, software and cable. I also ordered a surveillance mic with the acoustic ear piece. I need help figuring out why my radio works fine with out the ear piece but will only transmit the frequency with it attached. It seems to drop the PL/DPL codes...
  3. K

    VX-920 (924) Scanning

    Hello- I am a new user of a VX-924 portable. Coming from using strickly Motorola (ht1250 and mt2000), I am pretty pleased with the radio. The one thing I can't figure out is scanning. Using the Motorola radios, I would set it up so my selected channel is the prioity channel. I wouldn't have...