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  1. H

    Vertex VX231 programming cable part number and software version needed.

    We recently added a repeater at one of our properties. We are primarily use Motorola radios and I have not touched a Vertex radio in the 9 years I have been here. I have a some questions regarding the Vertex programming software and parts needed. 1. Is the CE-99 software the correct version...
  2. B

    Vertex VX231 Firmware

    Hello, I'm wanting to update firmware on a VX231, I believe I have the correct firmware and a working programming cable. I'm wanting to know if I require the FIF12 interface to upload new firmware or will my current working cable do the job.
  3. R

    Problems with Vertex Standard VX-231 EG6B-5

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I'm sorry to be abusing your hospitality straight away with a problem but this is what brought me here in the first place. Recently (9 or 10 months ago) our company acquired 6 Vertex VX-231 Two Way radios. Everyone was very happy with the radios until recently...