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  1. w2lie

    A NY Giants Parade Live Feed on W2LIE.net

    To celebrate the NY Giants Win in Sunday's "Big Game", I will attempt to stream some audio from the parade route. The Live Feed will be carried on the W2LIE.net Special Feed. Scroll to the bottom of the Live Feed page to access the link. No Membership is required. Best guess would be...
  2. w2lie

    Hurricane Irene scanner feed at W2LIE.net

    W2LIE.net will setup the "Special" feed this weekend to include the following agencies for Hurricane Irene: Nasasu County OEM Suffolk County EOC New York City OEM Nassau County ARES Nassau County RACES Suffolk County ARES/RACES Nassau County SKYWARN Suffolk County SKYWARN New York City ARES...
  3. w2lie

    Jones Beach Airshow Live Feed Returns to W2LIE.net

    For the 6th year running, you will be able to listen on-line to the Jones Beach Air Show on w2lie.net. The audio is running on the "Special" feed. The live feed is online now - so that you may hear the all of the performers come into Republic Airport (Farmingdale, NY). There are also...
  4. w2lie

    W2LIE.net / NCARES Annual Raffle for Charity

    I would like to start off by wishing each and every one of the members of Radio Reference a healthy holiday season. W2LIE.net and Nassau County ARES are asking for your help to raise money for the Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund - A local Long Island Charity. The Terry Farrell...
  5. w2lie

    Suffolk County NY Updated

    Attn Suffolk County, NY Database admin, I've updated the Suffolk Trunk system since they've partially rebanded. Someone already went in and set all frequencies incorrectly as a full reband site. I created a new site called Simulcast (Custom) and added all the frequencies I confirmed working...
  6. w2lie

    Red Bull Air Race this weekend

    Does anyone know if the pilots or ground use any set frequencies for the Red Bull Air Race this weekend in Lower NYC NJ Area? I would assume they would use the common Aviation talk freqs (123.45 etc) but I am unsure.. I am asking because I would like to setup the traffic on my "Special" live...
  7. w2lie

    Anyone Splitting H/W inputs from a 1010LT in Linux?

    I'm currently running a M-Audio 1010LT in my Windows PC. Each hardware input is paired in the encoding software. I am now trying to migrate everything over to a Linux Platform (openSUSE) I'm using Edcast and Simplecast to stream 4 feeds from the 1010LT to my Icecast server (3 of these feeds...
  8. w2lie

    Plane down in Suffolk County

    As posted in the "Buff Box" and my Twitter Feed: Small plane went down in Suffolk across from Mac Aurthur Airport. Plane Crashed into a commercial building. Keep up to date on my twitter feed: W2LIE.net (w2lie) on Twitter The audio is being pushed to my website in 30 minute chunks...
  9. w2lie

    Live Feed: Long Island Air Show 2010

    At the risk of cross-posting, I'm copying this to the 'regional' forum for those who do not read the streaming audio threads. I will be streaming the Long Island Air Show on my website. This is the 5th year that I will be doing so. In addition, I will hopefully have audio being uploaded to...
  10. w2lie

    Live Feed: Long Island Air Show 2010

    For the 5th year running, you will be able to listen on line to the Air Show at Jones Beach at w2lie.net. The audio will be running on my "Specialty" feed. The frequency list for 2010 Jones Beach Air Show has been posted (Thanks to the MT List). Please visit Long Island Live Scanner...
  11. w2lie

    Live Feed: Listen to the Ball Drop - From Behind the scenes 2009/2010

    Due to last year's feedback, and that requests are already coming in for this year, I'm pleased to announce that a new W2LIE.net tradition has been born. "Listen to the Ball Drop - From Behind the scenes" returns for another year, and will continue to do so each and every year! That's right -...
  12. w2lie

    Follow Long Island Alerts on Twitter

    When I lost my webhost a few months back, I setup a Twitter account to keep my users in the loop on any updates I had on bringing the site back "on the air". Since then, I've discovered how useful a tool like Twitter can become. I've setup my "Buff Box" to dump to Twitter, as well as any Site...
  13. w2lie

    New York Yankee's Parade

    Unless you live under a rock, by now you know that the New York Yankees won the World Series in game 6. W2LIE.net will be streaming NYPD activity from lower NY during the day on Nov 6th, for the Parade - on the "Special" feed. The parade is set to start at 11am, and will move its way up the...
  14. w2lie

    Special Feed: NYC Marathon 2009

    This Sunday, November 1st, is the NYC Marathon!! W2LIE.net will be streaming activity from NYPD, Media, and Amateur Radio on my "SPECIAL" Feed. A full list of frequencies will be posted later tonight, and the feeds will start EARLY on Sunday Morning. If anyone has any special requests for...
  15. w2lie

    Belmont Stakes Frequencies

    I am putting together a live feed for the Belmont Stakes on my "Special" feed. So far, I know NCPD Tac-2 will be in use. I'm trying to figure out what else may be used for the event. I would think that NYPD may have something in use since there are entrances to the park from the Cross Island...