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wake county

  1. BCasto

    Wake County LE, Hostage Situation (training or real?)

    Unknown activity this morning on Wake County PS Event 1 (33600). It sounds like a barricaded person claiming to have an explosive device. I have been fooled before believe an exercise is real so am cautious about claiming otherwise.
  2. BCasto

    Wake County Business Freq's

    Certainly not as exciting as Public Safety monitoring, but sometime listening to businesses, such as Cary Town Center or similar is fun (for at lest a few minutes). There are some business freq's on RR. Is there a good source for a more detailed list? I would be happy to start one if others...
  3. S

    NC, JOHNSTON & WAKE CO's Systems

    New to Johnston and Wake Co area. Can anyone explain what systems are in use for Law Enforcement and what scanner would you suggest. Thanks.
  4. BCasto

    Wake 200 Club

    OK, a bit off the topic of scanning but I believe appropriate and consistent with the ideals of our members. The 200 Club of Wake County is an organization of concerned citizens dedicated to providing immediate financial help for the spouse and children of police officers, sheriff deputies...