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  1. O

    can not get scanner cast to work

    i keep getting a message with title "Microsoft .NET framework, un handled exception has occured in your application. could not load file or asssembly istrib.sound. Version= I try to start scanner cast and it will not start. Help Please
  2. Chief45414

    Morris Co SO broadcasts "this is no drill" attack warning

    At about 11 AM on 9/28, an EAS alert was broadcast over the Morris County TX Sheriff's dispatch channel 154.875. The EAS alert, preceded by the EAS SAME tone bursts and warning tones, announced that 16 Chinese nuclear missiles were inbound and would impact within the next 15 minutes. The message...
  3. V

    A warning about LifeP04 cells (before someone blows up their scanner)

    I see rechargeable LifeP04 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) AA cells are starting to show up at some stores. DO NOT use these in your scanner! These cells are 3.2V and will not work (for long) in consumer scanners designed for 1.2V AA cells.
  4. N

    PRO-164 SAME Standby

    Hi! Just checking to see if anyone has used the SAME Standby mode on the PRO-164 or any scanner and if it works well. I have been anxiously waiting for a watch or warning to set the scanner and wait for the alarm to kick on, but nothing yet!