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warren county

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    Fire Tones - P25 Tones - Quick Call - Plectron

    All, I have searched HIGH AND LOW and I can NOT find the Fire Tones for Warren County - Massie Township. As a matter of fact - I can't even find a mp3 or wav recording of their tones so I can figure out the Hz myself. Can someone PLEASE help me with the tones for Massie Township in Warren...
  2. C

    Warren County PD Encrypted Channel

    Was reading the news on lehighvalleylive.com today and stumbled upon this. Warren County is adding a encrypted channel for "sensitive situations". My question is they do not operate on a trunked or digital system. Is that even possible with such a system? Warren County adding new encrypted...
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    Warren County Fire Box Alarm Dispatch Style?

    Today i heard a fire call go out in Greenwich Township. The dispatcher dispatched it as a "Box Alarm" almost exactly like Hunterdon does. Requesting a specific piece of equipment from each station on the initial dispatch. I have never heard this before from Warren County. The dispatcher seemed...
  4. B

    Warren County, Ohio Police and Fire Feed Gone

    The Warren County, Ohio Police and Fire feed was offline for a little but I'm not sure how long exactly. I think I read somewhere on the website that after 3 weeks offline that the feed gets deleted. Is this true and also does that mean that this feed will never be back? I hope it comes back...
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    Warren County 1.25 million twd upgrades

    Warren County to spend $1.25 million federal grant on police radio upgrades Tuesday, February 09, 2010 By BILL WICHERT The Express-Times WHITE TWP. | As part of a multi-phased plan to upgrade emergency communications, Warren County officials plan to spend a $1.25 million federal grant on new...