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  1. S

    Macomb County 5 Additional Towers

    Macomb Counties simulcast system has been licensed for the 5 additional towers in the north end to improve coverage. Being in the south end I cant determine if this towers have come on line, any one in the north end know if they are on line? Volunteer Fire tone outs are moving to a simulcast...
  2. M

    City of Warren, Ohio 800 mhz absent?

    It has been weeks since I have heard Warren, Ohio Police. Has something changed? CITY OF WARREN - Warren PD - WPD 1 1808 851.7875 46429 21:01:52 03/23/17 09:58:09 166 NFM 07/01/16 07:48:58 2 CITY OF WARREN - Wrn Pub Works - WTR DISP 1744 852.1125 1926 03:05:06 03/23/17 09:56:49 173 NFM...
  3. Radioman96p71

    Westcom P25 system information thread

    The Westcom P25 system went online for testing as of January 14 2014. Westcom (Project 25) System Trunking System, West Des Moines, Iowa - Scanner Frequencies If we can keep all information regarding the new system here, it will make figuring out the new talkgroups and patches a bit easier...
  4. V

    Firefighter seeking fire tones for Warren County VA

    I'm a volunteer firefighter in Warren County VA. I've been looking for the fire pager tones for Warren County fire stations but have not been able to locate them in any reference material. We have the following stations; thanks in advance for any information you can provide. # CO 1 FRONT...
  5. K

    Warren Township (Somerset County) Reception Difficulties

    Today, as I was attempting to monitor a fire in Warren Township, I realized my scanner was NOT picking up ANYTHING. I went back through my audio logs and it turns out since late September, interceptions of Warren FD's dispatch frequency (470.625MHz) have been completely absent with the exception...
  6. instrumentphilip

    Warren, MI aircraft

    Hey I saw something over Hoover 12 mile area flying in the air for about 25 seconds before it went behind the tree that blocked me from seeing it then it disappeared. My friend that could see around the tree said it seemed to vanish. I would normally have thought it was a Helicopter because the...