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washington county

  1. blackmonte

    Is Washington & Benton County all encrypted?

    Any info on Washington & Benton County systems? I pick up a little traffic from Benton County sheriff but nothing from Washington County. Are the county and city police fully encrypted? I'm using the frequencies listed here on RR. Any info/help appreciated.
  2. V

    Dead Spot in Washington County?

    I'm using a RS Pro 107 in Forest Grove that gets great reception for Fire & Rescue but extremely minimal for PD (which is what I want to get.) I can see officers talk on their radios and still not anything on the scanner. I've tried making smaller playlists and updating the software/SD card...
  3. kdemmons


    I recently purchased this unit because of upgrades in my area to the radio system to a P25 system. But from day one I have had trouble receiving transmissions clearly. On some of the frequencies I get a pretty high ERR rate to the point where it can not be understood, I have moved this unit...
  4. S

    Is there a live feed for State Police on Rt 22?

    Today, I was heading into Robinson Twp when I saw NO LESS than 15 tractor trailers pulled over on four or five different exit ramps. NO trucks on the road, but ALL trucks that were pulled over were on the exit ramps. This seemed a bit odd to me. The officers on all of the traffic stops were ALL...
  5. brandon

    St George

    I was in St George and the PD dispatch freq is using 167.9 PL tone. Nothing was heard with DPL 031. This has been submitted to the RRDB. Few other freqs logged during my short time monitoring. 155.850 173.8 Police Traffic, referred to as Ch-4 154.830 123.0 Washington Co Sheriff Input? 158.985...