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    TYT TH-8600 waterproof quit me

    The radio had been working flawlessly, but then it wouldn’t power on this past Saturday. Finally, after about 10 tries, it powered on. Then on Sunday and today it won’t power on at all. It’s getting power, because when you plug it into the harness you get an audible signal it’s receiving...
  2. U

    TYT TH-8600 & RT Systems

    RT Systems’ website says in order to program the TYT TH-8600 you have to use their branded cable. Is that fact or BS? The radio came with a TYT branded cable in the box. I’d rather spend $25 on just the software versus $50 for the software/cable “bundle” if the cable I have will work.
  3. K

    FRS/GMRS radios in development for these specs?d

    Hello. I am on a search team for lost/missing people in wilderness areas using dogs. We have been using the .5 watt FRS radios, and they cut out a bunch. So we resort to other apps to communicate among team members and Base, but these have their own shortcomings at times. My question: Does...
  4. T

    APX7000 waterproof specs

    Hello, I am aware (due to help on another thread) that there is the mil spec waterproofing (APX7000R) and the IP rated waterproofing on the APX7000XE. My real question is if I get a radio that is used (most likely it wouldn't have tags) what is the risk that the waterproofing would have been...
  5. M

    MAG-One BPR40 in snow?

    Has anyone used the Moto BPR40 in snow? is it waterproof and reliable? Which has a shorter antenna the UHF or the VHF version? Which would have the longer range in the the mountian? Thanks, Moshe