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web service

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    CHIRP and importing/Query Federal frequencies?

    i use chirp to import and auto program my scanners and HT, but it requires a login and password with premium service. which i have all three. but it also asks for a zip code to narrow down the data to local frequencies. how would i get the software to import federal frequencies which i believe...
  2. G

    How Do You Stream On Your Own Website

    Hello Everyone. I've always wanted to be able to broadcast the transmissions of my local emergency agencies, but never had the time to learn how to do it. Work and life had a bad habit of getting in the way. I recently retired and have decided to pursue this goal. Here's what I'l like to do...
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    web service question

    I just upgraded my RR to premium to use the web service with my ARCXT software for the BC396XT. However, I do not see anything about it on the website. Can anyone steer me in the right direction how to find it? Also I cannot get past the setup banner on the home page. Is there something...