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  1. gmclam

    How do you program your TRX-1, TRX-2 scanners?

    I highly customize the programming of my scanners. I find EZ Scan to be anything but easy to use. I wonder what everyone else is doing.
  2. S

    Whistler 1040 - Programming Conventional P25 Frequencies

    A friend of a friend was upgrading to a Phase II Digital and sold me his near-mint Whistler 1040 for 200 dollars. Thinking I would get into scanning, I bought it off of him, because I liked the idea of having a digital scanner on the cheap. I'm trying to program the (photo) attached frequencies...
  3. WX9RLT

    Scanner Manufactures Future, Due To Encryption?

    My area went full encrypted few years back. Needless to say, I will NO LONGER be buying anymore scanners. What is the point of buying one, if I can't listen to the stuff I want to listen too??? Many people I know have said the same thing. So this leads to my question: What is the scanner...
  4. H

    Whistler CDAT - invisible talkgroups?

    While programming my TRX-1 with the latest official CDAT software, I ran across something weird with what appears to be invisible talkgroup programming. Example: I try to program in a talkgroup of 3107 into a trunked DMR system. The software happily accepts it, but does not appear in the...
  5. D

    TRX-1: Another TRX-1 programing question

    I just got a TRX-1 about a week and a half ago and cant figure out how to program it the way I would like. Is there a way to program each scanlist as a bank like in the older scanners? (RS Pro 106). I would like to have one scanlist as a roaming style and have one scanlist separate for each...
  6. J

    TRX-1: Programming help.

    This may have been ask before, if so I apologize I’m new. I purchased a Whistler TRX-1 few months ago and as much as I love it, I struggle to get it programmed right. I have the software installed and did all that, and used the zip code thing to program my area but the problem seems to be...
  7. CaptMike2

    Recomendations BCD536HP or Whistler TRX-2 Desktop OR SDS100

    So I have been saving my money for a while now and finally have enough saved up to purchase a scanner. After reading through this forum and several websites I have narrowed down my selection to 3 possible scanners. What I really need is pro's and con's about each scanner to make a decision...
  8. CQ

    Bcd536hp & trx-2

    I’ve owned the Uniden BCD536HP for almost 3 years, purchased the DMR upgrade and enjoying it ever since. I had the RTC issue and finally decided to send it in for repair; it was at their facility for 8 days to include the Thanksgiving holiday and surprised they accepted it after so long. Thank...
  9. N

    TRX-1: Does TRX-1 have good search capabilities

    From reading the (poorly written) manual it seems their are several types of searching available. The question is do they have a "search AND store" facility or does it just stop on getting a hit and you have to do a store manually? I read that the 436 Uniden does have a search-store feature...
  10. M

    Spectrum sweeper

    Question on Spectrum Sweeper (SS). Anyone know more detail on how SS this works vice service search? The manual/"easier manual"s are pretty nonspecific. Ex. I have a hotel right across the street from me (CONV UHF). The come in just fine, with decent signal, when I program them in a scan list...
  11. B

    Advice for setting up TRX 2 in UK

    Hi, I've just purchased a trx2 which should arrive next week. I've read through a number of the threads on here and am interested in any advice in setting up the scanner for use in the uk. I've only previously had analogue scanners the last being a handheld uniden. this is my first digital...
  12. N

    TRX-2: Has this TRX-2 problem been resolved yet ?

    I used a TRX-2 for about a year and liked the overall performance. However there was one very frustrating problem when updating the scanner data. This caused the "Waiting for Main" where the internal communication between the main unit and detachable keyboard/display would not function...
  13. MedicDavid78

    TRX-2: EZ-Scan & listening to Audio recordings

    Is anyone else having an issue when unplugging the SD card from the scanner and plugging it into your laptop, using EZ-Scan to listen to the audio recording files, I would say more than half the time when listening, the recording audio skips every other second, sometimes not being able to make...
  14. D

    BC346XT: Uniden vs Whistler

    Well, I believe I've made the same mistake twice !!! I purchased a 346XTC a couple of years ago, one reason was the remote control head which I unceremoniously found was discontinued AFTER I bought the scanner, the second is 2 years worth of confussion and the inability to program this unit the...
  15. MedicDavid78

    TRX-2 and Clock

    Hello all... Just got my new TRX-2 today, for the most part I understand how to program it using the PC cable. 1 thing I can't figure out is the clock, when you power it down I got the clock to display, but it shows 24-hour time, is there a way to change it to 12-hour time? Thanks! Love this...
  16. Quint-1-29

    Radio ID Needs to be in a scanlist to display???

    Just noticed that I had an RID in another Scanlist, so it didn't display since I had that list turned off. My question and/or wish is RIDs to display no matter what Scanlist you are operating in for that TRS. Another thing while I'm asking for wishes. Why do you need a Delay for a UID/RID when...
  17. WhistlerWendy

    Update to GRE PSR-800

    Beginning June 1st Whistler will offer a feature upgrade program for the Pro-18, Pro-668 and PSR-800 scanners. For the cost of $59.99, customers will be able to send in their scanner to Whistler where the unit will be upgraded to receive DMR. You will cover the cost to ship the unit to use and...
  18. trp2525

    Official DMR Upgrade for PRO-18 and PRO-668 by Whistler

    For those who perhaps missed the posting in the RR Whistler forum, Whistler will be offering official DMR upgrades for the Radio Shack PRO-18 and PRO-668 (as well as the GRE PSR-800) beginning June 1st. The cost will be $59.99 plus the cost of shipping your radio to Whistler (with return...
  19. B

    Scanner suggestions Northumberland County

    Good day all, I am new to the RR forums. I was pretty involved in the scanning hobby in years past but unfortunately life happened and I had to step away from it for several years. That said I recently decided to dig out and dust off my old Uniden and start getting back into the hobby I used...
  20. lucky43113

    is this a fair deal?

    on ebay i found a Whistler WS1095 brand new for $350.00 just wondering if thats a good deal or not